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What is the value of a buffalo nickel without a date?



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Buffalo nickels had a design flaw that caused the date to wear faster than the rest of the coin. They sell for about 15 to 25 cents if the date is worn off. If you want to sell one a flea market dealer might give you 5 to 10 cents.

not much. they can usually go for about five dollars but if you want you could use nic-a-date to reveal the date .but in most collectors eyes if you use nic-a-date it is worthless

To clear up some common questions:

  • The coin is a NICKEL rather than a "nickle"
  • Buffalo nickels are made of an alloy of copper and nickel. They don't contain any silver.
  • The "F" on the coin's front side is the designer's initial. The mint mark position is under the words FIVE CENTS on the back; it may be blank, D, or S.
  • Coins are said to be struck or minted rather than "stamped"