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Assuming it's made of copper, it's worth about $1.00

2006-09-08 19:07:22
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Q: What is the value of a coin dated 1799 that says 'iii dei gratia rex' on the front and 'Britannia 1799' on the back?
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What is the value of a coin dated 1799 carolus iiii dei gratia on front and hispan et ind rex 8r f m on back?


What is the value of a coin dated 1798 that says carolus IIII dei gratia on the back?


What is the value of coin dated 1707 with George Rex on one side and Britannia on the other?

Queen Anne was on the throne in 1707, and no coins from her reign featured Britannia.

What is the value 1958 Elizabeth 2 DEI-Gratia?

wht the value

What is the value of a 1774 carolus lll dei gratia coin?

You have a coin from Spain ("Carolus III Dei Gratia" is Latin for "Charles the Third, By the Grace of God") dated 1774. More detail as to denomination and condition would be needed in order to provide an estimate of value.

A coin dated 1967 which says one penny Victoria dei gratia Britt Regina f d value?

Check your coin. Queen Victoria died in 1901.

What is the value of 1800 carolus IIII dei gratia on front?

Its worth about 10,000 dollars in auction so even more a positive sell

What is the value of a Meriden Britannia Company piece I have a silver platter dated 1884 Can you tell me the value of this?

Many of these platters will sell for prices close to $100 each. The price of the platter will vary depending upon its condition.

What is the value of a 1961 Canadian elizabeth ii dei gratia Regina penny?

elizabeth iidei gratia regina penny

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what is the value of a georguvs sextvs dei gratia rex 1949 cyprvs 1/2

What is the value of a 1900 one cent Victoria De Gratia Regina?

You need to give us the country of origin since there were multiple 1 cent coins dated 1900 with Queen Victoria as the monarch.

1852 Napoleon empire coin?

Can you tell me the approx value of a 1869 Napoleon 111 empire coin and also a coin I believe to be a spanish dollar with the wording " dei gratia carolus 1111" on it dated 1792

What is the value of a sheet of 32 one dollar bills framed with a glass front dated 1976?

32 dollars

What is the Value of a 1806 carolus IIII dei gratia?

Ποια είναι η αξία ενός 1806 Carolus IIII dei gratia </ p>

Value of a confederate 50?

I have a confederate 100 dollar bill dated feb 17th 1864. I know it is not a has 10856 on the front and richmond. can you tell me the value?

What is value of 1793 carolus 1111 dei gratia coin?

what is valre fo 1793 carolus 1111 dei gratia coin

What is the value of a coin dated 1776 that says carolus III dei gratia on the back?

The answers as to this being a European coin are incorrect. This clin was minted in Lima, Peru. The 8R is to the amount lf the coin at the time, which was 8 Reales.

Elizabeth II Gratia Regina One Penny worth?

Please post a new question with the coin's date. As a rule of thumb, anything dated 1971 or later is worth only face value. Note that the phrase "Gratia Regina" is part of a longer Latin motto that's on ALL English coins, so it doesn't identify one from another.

What us the value of an 1876 Victoria Dei Gratia Regina?

how much is this worth

What is the value of a 1950 silver dollar Georgivs VI Dei Gratia Rex?

I have a canadian 1950 bollar Georgivs vi dei gratia rex how much is it worth?

1821georgius 4 dg britanniar rex fd what is the value?

You have a British coin ("Georgius IV D.G. Britannia Rex F.D." is abbreviated latin for "George the Fourth, King of Britain and Defender of the Faith") dated 1821. To get a value, the denomination and condition of the coin would need to be known.

Whats the value of a Canadian 1949 penny 'georgivs vi dei gratia'?


What is the value of a 1821 coin that says dei gratia ferdin vii the coin is spanish?


What is the value of a 1799 liberty with woman's face on front?

A denomination is needed. All U.S coins dated 1799 have the word LIBERTY and a woman's face on the obverse (front) of them. Post new question.