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Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all features, markings and condition.


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Impossible to answer without a serial number and detailed description.

I would also be interested in any information that you find as I also have one.

Fabrique Nationale (the name of the company) arms of war, Herstal, Belguim (place of manufacture. Brownings patent filed.

Need to know what type of gun it is, and also does the barrel say Browning Arms anywhere on it?

you will have to call Browning or provide the sn

No way to answer without a DETAILED description of ALL features, markings, finish, condition, box, papers, accessories, etc..

It stand for "national plant of war weapons herstal Belgium" Fabrique National is simply "National Plant" and it is common to call the Company "FN".

hello, it depends on the model and condition. If there is a way of providing me with a few pictures, I could give you an estimation of the value. My email is

Can't be answered without a detailed description of all markings, type of action, finish, barrel length, condition, accessories, box, papers, etc..

Can you give us the model of the rifle? The letter "n" could not be used to identify the model. More info is needed.

FN made several models of shotgun. Would need to know what type of action, etc.

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