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120 dollars

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Q: What is the value of a gold 1882 Italian 20 Lire coin uncirculated it says Umberto I?
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When was Umberto Boccioni born?

Umberto Boccioni was born on October 19, 1882.

What is Umberto Boccioni's birthday?

Umberto Boccioni was born on October 19, 1882.

When was Umberto Casilini born?

Umberto Casilini was born on November 4, 1882, in Bologna, Italy.

What is the value of 1882 French one-half franc?

2.319.719 coins of this type (Cérès) were struck in 1882. Value : about 15 dollars, but it could be more if the coin is in "uncirculated" state.

What is the value of 1882 cc dollar?

well-worn = $70 lightly worn = $90 uncirculated = $150

What is the value of an uncirculated 1882 US Morgan Dollar?

The 1882 Morgan is a common date coin and depending on the Mint State grade, retail values are $26.00-$50.00 in the range of MS-60 to MS-63

What is the value of an 1882 uncirculated Carson City silver dollar?

An 1882-CC Morgan silver dollar sells on average for $200 in uncirculated state (source This price would be for a certified coin by a reputable firm. Otherwise, the value should be 10-25% less.

What is the value of an 1882 silver dollar with an O mintmark?

The 1882-O is a common date/mint Morgan dollar with retail prices of $17.00-$26.00 for average coins in circulated condition. Excellent uncirculated coins sell for about $35.00

What is the value of an 1882 Morgan silver dollar minted with o?

The only way to get a true value on a coin it to take it to a dealer. The value depends on the quality of the coin, if it is fair, good, almost good, mint, uncirculated, etc. The "o" stands for Oregon.

What is value of uncirculated 1882 cc silver dollar?

The 1882-CC issue is one of the most available of all Carson-City Mint Morgan dollars in Mint State grades. They are typically seen in the grades of MS-60 to MS-63 with values of $175.00 to $240.00.

When was Italian ironclad Enrico Dandolo created?

Italian ironclad Enrico Dandolo was created in 1882.

What is the value of an uncirculated 1882 Silver dollar?

8-1-11>>> Assuming the coin has no mintmark, the 1882 Morgan dollar is a common date US coin, retail values run from $45.00-$60.00 for average Mint State coins. Coins that are bent, corroded, scratched, used as jewelery or have been cleaned have far less value if any to a collector or dealer.