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If it has been authenticated by a reputable and respected authentication company you will probably get somewhere between $100 and $300 for it. If it has no documentation it is probably worthless to most people as there is no way of proving it is authentic.

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How long is your hockey stick supposed to be?

Your hockey stick should be just above your belly button.

What is it called when the hockey stick is above your waist?

High sticking

National sport of america?

Who knows? It could be either of the above...... -American Football. -Ice Hockey. -American Baseball. -Hockey.

Where do you locate the A on your hockey jersey?

Just above the player's left breast

What is the penalty in hockey when the stick is brought above the waist?


What part of your body should you put the your hockey stick above?

your waist

How much would a autographed skateboard from Hollywood undead cost?

Under millions, but WAY above thousands of dollars.

How large are boards in ice hockey?

The boards in ice hockey are not less than 40" high, and no higher than 48" above the the surface of the ice.

How high can you swing the stick in hockey?

In all forms of hockey, the stick may not be raised above shoulder height, except that in field hockey it may be used thus by a defender to prevent a goal being scored.

How high can you raise your hockey stick on the field?

Your stick cannot got above your shoulder height.

Can you use inline hockey gear for ice hockey?

I would strongly recommend using hockey pants, elbow pads, and shoulder pads for hockey. Ice hockey puck weighs more than twice the weight of an inline hockey puck and it can do damage if your not protected. Falling down on ice is not so nice either. It depends what your playing; completive ice hockey get all the protection you can, rec-league hockey its not as important. Other than the things above most other equipment is good to use like gloves, shin pads, and helmet.

Where is the best place to sit at a hockey game?

At around half way, a few yards/metres above the surface, or at one end a few yards/metres above the goal.

Is Sidney pretty?

he's okay.. but there are better looking hockey players out there. i totally disagree with the person who wrote above me... Sidney is very handsome, hot and in my opinion one of the best looking hockey players in the NHL

What happens when a hockey stick comes above the nee?

Nothing happens. There is no rule disallowing this from happening. You do mean the knee, right?

What stange sporting activity was held in the north of Scotland?

Shinty - A form of field hockey, but the sticks are allowed to be raised above waist level. This makes shinty a much more dangerous game than normal hockey.

What is Tom M Bobby's name?

Tom M. Bobby. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWER: It should be Tom M. Bobby, but it might be someting else. There are many ways the above can be incorrect. What if Tom M. Boby's name is Andy T. Joseph? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is it okey to wear street hockey goalie pads on ice?

It is OK, but if you are above the age level of 6 i think, you can get seriously injured.

What does high sticking mean in ice hockey?

when a players takes hits his stick to another player on accident or purpose above the waist.

How can you pick a lock with a bobby pin?

Bobby pins are for movies, handcuffs and luggage locks, and not much else. Anything above the most basic lock imaginable is bobby pin proof really. They're just not the right type of metal or the right size and shape.They're good for handcuffs and for toy boxes though.Below is a link to a video of how to use a bobby pin to open these locks. If you're trying to get into anything above that level of lock though, you're going to need a better tool.Any lock that can be opened with a bobby pin is going to work on essentially the same principal as the handcuffs trick.

In a hockey rink is there a net above the glass?

Usually at the ends, where the puck is likely to be shot or deflected over the goal. There may be additional cover in the midsection.

How fast does the average hockey player shoot?

About 100 kilometres an hour, over all grades. A specific grade will have a higher or lower average; for example, professional hockey players can easily shoot above 120 km/h, and many can get to 150km/h.

What height can you swing a hockey stick in field hockey?

The ball cannot be played, nor an attempt to play the ball made, above the shoulder's height. However, any use of the stick such as the backswing or followthrough can be any height, provided it is not a dangerous or intimidating action.

What is old hockey's real name?

The game as we know it today has always been called hockey or ice hockey. The game probably derived from the Irish game of hurling, the English game of field hockey, the North American Indian game of lacrosse and even the Spanish game of shinty. In fact an informal game of hockey, either on ice or on land, is often referred to in Canada as "shinny". Our modern game has incorporated aspects of all the games above.

How much would it cost if I bought goalie pads and a hockey goal?

if you're above 14 years old then you will have to buy senior gear, if you buy the gear used it could run anywhere from $500 to $600 if you buy the gear new its probably going to be above $900 check they have pretty good prices if you're playing roller hockey you can settle for not as good of gear since the puck is lighter but if you are playing ice hockey i suggest paying the extra money for the gear, or else you'll have to pay it to the ER

What actors and actresses appeared in The Greatest Hockey Player That Ever Lived - 2010?

The cast of The Greatest Hockey Player That Ever Lived - 2010 includes: Danniel Gerchakov Olivia Harrison as Little Girl with the Flower above Her Ear Diva Hurtado as Diva

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