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The first Model Marlin 39 was made from 1922-1938.There were no Marlin model 39 lever action rifles made in 1900.

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Go straight to Marlin, there prices are not bad and you will get the right one

Don't think so. That is the Marlin 1894S, and all that I have seen have the straight stock, unlike the Model 336 with a pistol grip stock..

No, a Marlin 881 stock cannot fit in a model 81. The stock would fit an 881, not an 81.

I believe that the marlin model 30AW(all weather) stock was a walnut finished birch stock.

Should be the same as Marlin model 59

The Marlin model 30AS was a No frills model of the model 336 marlin lever action rifle.This model was formerly a model of the Glenfield line of rifles.They were made from 1983-2000.These rifles were chambered in 30-30 Win.only.They had a 20in.barrel and a walnut finished birch stock.

There is a Bullpup Muzzlelite stock specifically made for the Marlin model 60 rifle. As I type this the retail price is about $150.

The model 6079 OTASCO rifle, was made by Marlin, and is identical to the model 60 Marlin, except for the OTASCO commemorative markings, and less expensive birch stock. These models run concurrently with Marlin model 60 which sell in the $100-$125 range, if in excellent condition.

That rifle was made for Sears by Marlin and is basically the same as the Marlin Model 81. Used stocks for the Marlin can be used, or new unfinished stocks can be had for around $65.

This is the Marlin "Bullseye" trademark has been used since 1922.

This is the Marlin "Bullseye" trademark has been used since 1922.

i order one from for my model 56.

The Marlin Model 30A, in 30-30 chambering, replaced the Model 30, and was manufactured from 1973-1983. It was basically a Model 30 with a full length tubular magazine. It was originally marketed under the 'Glenfield' brand name, but the Glenfield line was dropped in later years, and the Marlin name was used. The Model 30A came in both a straight-stock, and pistol-grip stock versions. All were chambered for the Winchester 30-30 cartridge. In all, around 300,000 Model 30As were produced before being replaced by the Model 30AS in 1983, and the Model 336, which is still being produced. The Model 30AS is identicle to the Model 30A, except that it has a cross-bolt safety. The Marlin Model 30A is almost identicle to the current Marlin Model 336, the differences being cosmetic, such as no checkering on the stock. Both are side-ejecting. The ones with the Marlin name on the barrel are worth a bit more than the Glenfields, due to not as many being produced. Average value is around $400.00 for one in good shape. I own a Marlin Model 30A myself, and I can tell you they are great shooters and well worth the money!

A Marlin model 81 DL is the same rifle. You can put the same stock on your J.C. Higgins. Now to find a stock for a model 81. Try or perhaps Numrich gun parts.

Same gun, but with a different stock material, usually walnut.

They come in at least 4 types .Stainless - Blued - Plastic Stock - Wood Stock. Anywhere from $125.00 to $235.00.

the gun was made during the 60s and 70s so the stock maybe somewhere there

I fyour model 39 has a K prefix and a 24in barrel with the slender forearm it was made in 1953.If it has no prefix to the serial number and straight grip stock similar to the original model 39 it was made from 1953-1972.

I do own both, the bolt, safety and stock seem the same but the magazine is definitely NOT the same or interchangeable

Try marlin directly or I would go to Numrich gunparts corp.they may be found on the web.

Which Model. It could be a Mossberg, Savage, Marlin, Hi-Std or Colt. You have to state the model of the Revelation.

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