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This type of error of misstruck coins is called 'Brockage'. A Lincoln penny with this error is valued at $35.00


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yes there is more then one memorial near the Lincoln memorial there is the Jefferson memorial;)

the lincoln statue and other things as well

Your off-center error cent will be worth $2 to $10, depending on how much off-center it is and how nice of condition it's in.


well many things Lincoln memorial thing and theres a statue of Lincoln in Illinois and other things

The name is Lincoln rather than Lincon.The building is an image of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

Abraham Lincoln is honored by the Lincoln Memorial, by his image on the penny, by having towns, cities and streets named after him, and in many other ways.

They visit the Washington D.C. zoo, Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and other places.

Henry Bacon built the Lincoln Memorial in order to honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It took eight years to build the memorial which was dedicated in 1922. Several other monuments and statues have been built to honor past presidents.

One of the speeches was the Gettysburg address, written by Lincoln. The other was the second inaugural address.

This could happen if two blank planchets got into the press together, causing on to get stamped with only the heads side, and the other to get stamped with only the tails side. This is a relatively rare error, and could be worth $50 to $100 or more. This could also be a normal quarter that somebody has altered. If it weighs significantly less than 5.67 grams, then I would say that it has been altered and has no added value.

The Capitol Building serves as the Eastern terminus while the Lincoln Memorial serves as the Western terminus (it's a long walk from one end to the other). In the middle, closer to the Lincoln Memorial, is the Washington Monument.

The most famous landmark in the US is the Statue of Liberty. Other famous are Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, The Liberty Bell, Battery Park, and Bungkiham Fountain.

There are at least 3 great places that honor presidents including Mount Rushmore. Two other places include the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.

The Nation is blessed with many National Monuments. In Washington D.C their are the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and a newly opened Memorial to Roosevelt. There are also monuments to all wars our nation has fought in.

There are 58 steps leading up to the Lincoln Memorial in Washinton D.C. Two of the steps represent the terms of he president, and the other 56 steps are from the age Lincoln was when he died. ADDED BY MRSMDDIXON My son counted 87 from the reflection pool, which equals 4scores and 7yrs at least that's what i think.

The first public monument to Abraham Lincoln was a statue erected in front of the District of Columbia City Hall in 1868, three years after his assassination.The best-known is the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington DC. It was built between 1914 and 1922 and features an immense marble statue of Lincoln. Along with three other Presidents, Lincoln appears on the Mount Rushmore memorial.Other memorials:Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park (Hodgenville, KY)Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial (Lincoln City, Indiana)Lincoln Home National Historic Site (Springfield, IL)The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield,IL)Lincoln Tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery (Springfield, Illinois) - his burial site, along with his wife Mary, and sons Edward, William, and Thomas Lincoln.

Near the Lincoln Memorial end of the reflecting pool is the Vietnam Memorial, including The Wall of casualty names, the statue "Three Fighting Men," and the Vietnam Women's Memorial statue. The two Jima Marine Corps memorial and the Korean War memorial are in Arlington, Virginia.

One side of the penny pictures the Lincon Memorial in Washington D.C. The other side (the side with the person on it) pictures Abraham Lincoln. The penny is pretty much a tribute to Abraham Lincoln

This sounds to good to pass on, please post new question with more information- date-mintmark?

There are several other monuments or statues near the Vietnam monument. The Korean War Memorial Monument is directly south, The National World War II Memorial is Southwest, The Lincoln Memorial is Southeast down Henry Becon Dr, The Washington Monument is due East on Constitution Ave.

it is in the blank right next to the other blank blank

Lincoln Memorial from 1959 to 2008. The 2009 cent will have President Aberham Lincoln standing out side the Old State Capitol Building, along with 3 other designs.

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