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It depends on what it is a picture of. If it is a picture of HIM and personally autographed, it would be worth a lot.

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The value of an 8x10 autographed picture of Elvis Presley can range anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more. It depends on the quality of the picture.

what is the value of painting of elvis presley 3 faces signed by debra colburn rouen

the value of a1992 elvis set ofcards

The value of an unused Elvis Presley postage stamp would depend on the year it was released and the demand for it. The current value of the 29 cent Elvis Presley stamp is approximately 50 cents.

Anything no matter how small, as long as it was attached to Elvis Presley will always have great value to his fans the world over.

I have an Elvis Presley Liquor Decanter in the box in perfict condition . What is the value of such an item?

i have a elvis and priscilla black and white wedding picture how much does it value for

Most of the photo albums are valued at a price between $5 and $10. If the albums are signed by Elvis himself, they are worth a lot more money.

The value of a Elvis Presley 45 record depends on what release it is? The age of the record , and if it has a picture sleeve with the record. The value of the record also depends on the condition of the record and sleeve. Hope this helps.

Elvis PresleyRCA VICTROR -lpm-1254depending on what release you have. this is for the first in 1956$700Depending on condition

Does it have Elvis' signature in it? If not, basically nothing.

There was a June Kelley color print of Elvis Presley , the size was a 16 x 20 that was given away when you purchased a certain Elvis Presley lp in the 1960s . The value of this print that has Elvis from a little below the shoulder wearing a red jacket is $50.00 dollars depending on the condition. Please note June Kelley did other prints that can be found in the collecting world. I hope this helps you out.Joe

Costs about $50-$250 but the value differs from 5 dollars all the way to 1,000. You just have to know where to look. It can also be up to 1 million dollars! It depends on the picture and where you buy.If its original and signed or something, quite a lot but if its just a picture its worthless because you can print one off the internet

No, but he understood and respected the value of a (hard earned) dollar.

as much as someones willing to pay for it.

The value of stamps is determined by their value and rarity. The value for a 1993 Elvis Presley complete stamp collection in mint condition is between 99.00 and 130.00 as of 2014.

Elvis Presley genuine autographs start from £1,000 to £1,500, so if you see one for sale anywhere much cheaper than this - beware!!!

it depends on which 45 it is and the condition its in

it depends on the condition of the album and cover

As all singers do not fight for the nation , that photograph would be worth a great deal to a Elvis Presley fan, and they will spend thousands of pounds.

There were so many sold and saved that the value is only the face value of 29 cents.

It completely depends on (including but not limited to); the quality, the date, if it is an unpublished original, if it is an original Polaroid, if it is an original Kodak (as an example), when it was taken, where it was taken, if you have supporting documentation, the size, the detail, if it has been copyrighting, etc. Elvis Presley, who was THE most photographed entertainer who ever lived, photographs have brought (on auction bidding sites and at established respected auction houses) anywhere from a few cents up to thousands of dollars.

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