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50-140 USD

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Q: What is the value of an amt small game hunter 2 rifle?
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What is the value of a Marlin model 88 22 rifle?

The value of a Martin Model 88 .22 caliber rifle is between $100 and $300 depending on its overall condition. There rifles are commonly used by new shooters and for small game hunting.

Is a jw15a a good small game rifle?


What is the value j Stevens 22 single shot rifle 1904?

The value of a 1905 J Stevens 22 single shot rifle is between $100 and $500 depending on the condition. These rifles were commonly used for small game hunting and target practice.

What is the ideal rifle caliber for small game and pest control?

Many would say the 22 Long Rifle.

What is value of Winchester model 74?

The value of a Winchester model 74 .22 caliber rifle is between $100 and $500 depending on its condition. These rifles are commonly used for target practice and small game hunting.

What can a 750 FPS 25cal air rifle kill?

Yes, small game and rodents.

What can 900 fps 22 cal air rifle kill?

Rodents and small game.

What kind of guns can you hunt with in Texas?

.22 for small game, rifle such as 30-30 or 30.06 for bigger game, shotgun for birds.

What type of big game animals can you kill with a 177 cal air rifle?

Small game like squirrels, rabbits and rodents.

Value of Ithaca lsa 55 243 caliber?

Dodge, I bought an Ithica LSA 55 in 1969 or 1970 brand new in 308 cal. My rifle has performed solidly for 38 years. If i could do it all over again, it would be a 243, only because i live in Georgia and don't hunt anything larger than whitetail. The 243 is good for both small and large game. If i were you i would keep the rifle or give it to a young hunter in your family as such a fine rifle will be hard to replace unless you are willing to fork out many centabos. Good Luck, and I hope you keep your rifle in the family. Good Luck

Can the ruger targis air rifle kill a deer?

It is NOT designed to hunt large game. it's for small game (Rabbits) See the owners manual.

What are common uses for a 22 long rifle?

Target shooting, informal shooting, small game hunting, collecting.