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If it truly has not been fired and is oiled and blued,probably around $500 to$600.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-15 11:17:24
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Q: What is the value of an unfired Ithaca 12-gauge shotgun bought in 1975?
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Find value of a modified cobray DD 410 double barrel shotgun R00000423 made in ducktown TN?

I just bought one--used but unfired--no box $100. Jack from Northeast Pa

How had Eumaeus come to Ithaca?

laertes bought some possesions

What is the shortest shotgun that can legally be bought?

What jurisdiction?

Where can you get an owner's manual for a 20 gauge Ithaca SKB Model XL900 shotgun with a Cutts compensator adjustable choke and an extra slug barrel with rifle sights?

Google RST Manuals. I recently bought one for my Ithaca/SKB XL300 for about $7.00. It is a factory re-print and taught me everything I needed to know. They were very good to deal with.

Where is serial number on 50cal Ithaca hawken rifle?

I bought an Ithaca hawkin kit in the 70s. I finally got around to finishing it. There is no serial number on it anywhere

What is a Ithaca model 37 featherlite 12 gauge pump bought in 1937 worth engraved with pheasants and pointer 95-98 condition?

Most all the Ithaca Pump model 37 were Engraved with 3 ducks and on the other side Pointer Flushing out 2 pheasants. It a common engraving we all see on Ithaca but you have an 1937 model like I do ,I have one as well with a serial number 2493, believe me they are worth keeping because that was the 1st year Ithaca made the Model 37 they only produced 3,500 shotgun in 1937

Who bought out high standard shotgun company?

Browning company

How much is a Benneli M1 Field Super 90 12gauge shotgun worth?

I bought one new 12 ga. 3" w/ synth stock; black parkerized finish; 28" barrel & 5 chokes for $875 about 10yrs ago. Its the best shotgun to own. Points and swings lke a dream, very simple to clean.. never jams. Don't know what they are worth now but the new ones are more.... dr

How much is an Ithaca 12 gauge shotgun worth that has never been fired and was bought in 1975?

Let's start at the top. What is the action: double barrel, single barrel breech loading, self-loading (semi-auto), or pump action? What markings are on the gun (i.e., model name/number, serial number). Does it have a vent rib? What choke? What is its condition ("unfired" means very little, since all guns are proof fired at the factory). Do you have the box and papers? All of this info is necessary to even make a guess over the internet.

Age of Ithaca shotgun 20ga XL 300 s2306624?

I have found out that these were made around 1973 through 1976. A friend bought one from a store in NC in 1975. I bought the other one from that same store about 1984 new in the box. The serial number is just a little bit older that this one. It starts out with 2302XXX. They had the gun in the store without selling it. I paid $189.00 for it.

Where can you get a slug barrel for a 20 gauge Ithaca Model 300?

To whom it may concern, i bought a 20 gauge Ithaca Model 300 with a vented rib barrel when i was a senior in high school. i am 48 now. i have checked a few places looking for a slug barrel for this model shotgun. Most of the time i was told, i don't have one but i will sell you a extra smooth bore barrel and you can have it cut down, but i was looking for a rifled barrel. more than once I was told that Ithaca never made a slug barrel for that model gun, and since high school i have only seen one other person that had this same shotgun. i finally gave up on looking. hope you have better luck than i did.

Where can one find an owners manual for a noble model 60 12gauge shotgun?

I am also looking for an owners manual and I was told that S&W bought the Noble company and the Model 60 became the S&W Model 916. I don't know how valid this information is, but I did call S&W and they are sending me an old manual for the 916. I'll jusst have to wait & see if it is the same or not.

What models of 410 shotgun did springfireld make?

I just bought a model 67 E. Pump shotgun with 3" chamber. Full size stock. $150.00

Where can a Browning shotgun be bought?

You can purchase a Browning shotgun from retail stores such as Cabela's. Alternatively, you can purchase this item from online shops such as the Bud's Gun Shop website.

Where can you find the age and value of a Western Field M550 ABD model shotgun?

I bought one new in 1973 I bought one new in 1973

Does cooey still manufacture guns .410 shotgun?

Winchester bought Cooey in 1961.

How much is a 16 gauge Columbia shotgun bought in 1929 worth?

50-100 USD

What is the value of an American Standard 12 gauge shotgun?

I bought mine for 2 hundred bucks

What is the value of a Browning 16 gauge shotgun bought in 1945 and fully restored?

300 USD

What is the age of a JC Higgins Model 1011 16 gauge shotgun?

My dad bought this shotgun for me when I was 16 years old which would have been in 1961-62 era.

What is the value of 125Th anniversary Winchester shotgun shells?

I have just bought a box of the 125th anniversary Winchester shotgun shells for $25.00 Canadian. I have found a box for $70.00 Canadian also. The box that I just bought is in very mint condition hope this helps you.

What is the value of a zabala shotgun sxs model 200?

in darra i bought one for 250 for a replicated one.. in darra i bought one for 250 for a replicated one..

What is the age of a Stevens model 67 series E shotgun?

I have one that I bought new in 1981 or 1982.

What is used value of mossberg 500e 410 bore pump shotgun?

I bought a used 500e about a year ago from an established gun shop for $150.00. The condition of this shotgun is excellent inside and out.

What is the value of a bolt action Stevens model 58 20 ga shotgun?

i just bought one for $80