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What is the value of old wrestling magazines?


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Old wrestling magazines would be worth A LOT!!!! If you have any you should wait a little bit longer then turn them in for at least I'm gonna say $120,000. But it all depends on who is in the magazine like who is on the cover. Hope that helps a little


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what is the value of old national lampoons magazines

someday it might be worth alot of money someday so dont get rid of it

The value of old magazines is that you can get more knowledge,or you can learn histories,what happened in the past.Magazines also gives you knowledge from time to time.

whats the value of old saterday post mags?

Not much, unless there is someone famous in them.

The value of wrestling and boxing magazines is determined by (a) how rare they are, (b) how desirable they are to collectors, and (c) what condition they are in. Interestingly, the year is not always a sign the magazine will be worth a lot-- if many issues of that magazine are still available, that cuts into the value. As for desirability, some celebrities and famous boxers or wrestlers (and some topics) are more interesting to collectors than others. And of course, if the magazine isn't in good condition (like, if there are pages that are torn, creased or written on), that too lowers what it's worth. So, my advice is to go on a site like eBay and see how much certain wrestling and boxing magazines are selling for; that will give you a much better idea.

What's the value of Nat geo magazines between 1925&1930

In order to properly determine the value of a wrestling magazine collection, you will need to find the value of each magazine. You might be surprised to learn the great varying value each different magazine holds. A common practice is to search Google or eBay for the magazines and see what they are selling for today. You can search for price checks on Google directly. For the magazines from 1980-1990, divide by two for its value, and for anything from 1990 to today, expect three quarters of the price for its value.

It depends on the condition of the magazines, also how much one is willing to pay.

How much is my Ring magazines worth form 1950 to 2012 all dates and in excellent condition?

There are a few different magazines that people may use to look up the value of an antique car. They include Hagerty Magazine, Old Cars Weekly and Motor Trend.

Many of the magazines are valued at prices close to $5 each. You can go onto online auction sites to compare prices.

Could you tell me how to sell old journal magazines,from1800. Also other old books, & old magazines Need phone #,the lady that has the books & magazines doesn't have internet maixnerbettie@yahoo.com

last I seen in magazines he is wrestling tagteam with Prince Albert A train in Japan

What are the value of jet magazines from the 1950's ?Read more:What_is_the_value_of_1950_jet_magazines

Usually $5-$20 depending on the condition of the magazine.

There are many places to find pictures of WWE superstar Batista. In addition to the internet one can even look in old fashioned wrestling magazines from the newsstand. These are great places to find original photos of wrestling superstars.

where do they sell playboy magazines

Probably not, but there are shops that do probably sell wrestling items, depending on what you want, e.g. -Wrestling Magazines, local newsagent -Wrestling Figures, Most toy Shops -Wrestling DVD's/CD's - Music/DVD Shops etc.

elvis mags any valueIt depends on what magazines you have . pre death magazines meaning before 1977 are worth more. some of the 1950s magazines are worth $100 dollars and some even more like the magazine Hero or Heel is valued at $2.50 . value of your magazines also depend on there condition. good luck

This will not answer the question,But we collect old SI mags and we buy them in bulk, Email us at psc0711@gmail.com And we will buy them.

a pawn shop ar a collecors shop or even on a collectors website

I'm not exactly sure a couple of my wrestling friends say you can

I have some old Jet magazines from the 1960s. The oldest one i have is from June 28, 1962.

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