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Keep them. They could be valuable. It's smart to keep them. Well if you ask me, I would save theme for just old times to look back at and remember the great legends that started this great Wrestling. I agree with the people above, keep them, like Baseball cards. They could get very valuable, in the future, but if you really want to sell them, put them on ebay. I'd love to see what you got! If they are over 50 years old, they are priceless.

like all collectible memorabilia they are worth what the buyer is willing to pay---which is usually dependent on the popularity of the item (the undertaker would be more popular and thus worth more than say an under card performer--a jobber) and it's availability (if the WWE is selling this poster by the thousands for three bucks it is going to be worth 3 bucks but say a rare signed poster of young Andre the Giant could be worth some serious cash to a collector) and as noted above perhaps priceless

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Q: What is the value of old wrestling posters?
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