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try emailing the guy on

In this economy it's a buyers market. I've bought these paintings as low as $26.00 and as high as $175.00. I have 60 paintings by Mr. Rust.

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What is an Emmett kelly numbered oil painting worth?

i have a 1985 painting of emmett kelly by rust 16/250 measures 24/by 27

1981 Oil Painting Of Emmett Kelly By Rust?

Donald Rust was famous for painting and sculpting portraits of depressed clowns. In 1981, he painted "Emmett Kelly Jr.". The painting is being sold by collectors online for between 150 and 250 dollars, and is highly sought after.

What is the value of painting of Emmett Kelly sr by DL Rust It is numbered 28 out of 250 and signed by rust?

Nothing, DL Rust paints creepy sad clowns going through the Great Circus Depression.

How can ferrous metal can be protected from rust?

by painting

How do you prevent rust on ships?

by painting them at regular intervals

Can rust on cages kill rabbits?

No, it can not kill them. It may make them sick if they chew on the rust and ingest a lot of it. Try to keep the cage from rust by painting with a rust proof paint.

Two ways of preventing the formation of rust?

painting and galvanizing

How long does it take to remove rust?

rust is a compound[ferric oxide] which is very difficult to be removed.but it can be removed by painting on the rusted surface

How can you prevent rust from happening?

rust is an oxidisation process. therefore, if you protect the metal (iron) from oxygen (the air, water, etc.) then you should be able to prevent rust. try painting the metal.

Why do sailing ship need frequent painting?

Sailing Ships need frequent painting because the air in the sea is salty so it will rust

How can we protect metals from rust?

Painting it can prevent metal from rusting or at least help slow the process down. Oiling can also help prevent rust.

Ways to prevent rust?

electroplating iron with nickel, chromium, copperpainting the surface (ships)galvanising ironuse of anti-rust solutions

How does painting prevent rust?

Painting a material that rusts, usually an iron rich material like steel, keeps the metal from exposure to the environment such as air and humidity. Rust is actually the oxidation of metal, and protecting metal with paint does not allow this to happen.

How painting of iron tanks prevent it from rusting?

Iron can be prevented from rust not only by painting but also by coating the iron byzinc . But when we paint iron ,the hydrated oxide presented in the rust iron(Fe2O3.2H2O)can be prevented . Reaction of the iron with air ,water Etc can be prevented.

What actors and actresses appeared in Paint the Rust - 2014?

The cast of Paint the Rust - 2014 includes: Rui Abrunheiro as himself Kelly Ann Pinho as herself

Why does iron rust in air?

Rust is Iron Oxide (Fe2o3). As there is oxygen in the air I would say that over time it will just oxidise and create rust. Ways of preventing rust would be to coat the iron in something, like painting it which will stop the oxygen getting to the iron to oxidise it.

What is the difference between real and visual texture?

Real texture physically exists on the art object- consider rust on a metal statue, or thickly-applied paint on an oil painting. Visual texture is the aesthetic representation of real texture- consider a photograph of rust. It shows the texture, but the photograph itself is smooth. Likewise, a smooth painting depicting rust.

Is using a rust converter and then painting over a boat trailer showing early signs of rust the best solution to increasing the life of the trailer?

Only if its done right. Sand down to bare metal. Spray with the rust converter and then repaint.

Can you wash the car after rust prep work and before painting?

Not a good idea, you'll cause rust wherever there is exposed metal. It should be wiped down with tack rags instead.

How does painting of iron slow down its rusting?

Paint keeps oxygen from reaching the iron. With no oxygen you can't have rust.

Tips on preventing rust?

Galvanising or painting both prevent iron from rusting. Painting is less expensive but also less permanent and the treatment needs to be repeated as the paint flakes off.

Need a sentence for coarse?

A coarse grit sandpaper is best for removing rust before re- painting outdoor furniture.

How do I remove rust from a wrought iron table?

Depending on the amount of rust the table may still be repairble. You can use a scotchbrite srubbing sponge and some WD40 to get rid of the rust. Depending on the look of the table after the rust has been removed,the table value may be unaffected.

What are two advantages of using paint to stop rust?

i think you may want to reword your question. is there rust already, and are you just painting over the rust? in this case, paint will not stop rust. eventually, the rust will bubble up the nice looking paint, and it'll continue to rust through. If there isn't rust yet,.. two advantages to using paint (as opposed to using oil or other processes) to PREVENT rust: 1) relatively cheap and available (it can be as simple as rattle can or as fancy as a professional paint job) 2) you can get any color you want (using other means to stop rust just isn't as purdy) :]

What is the value of oil paintings by DL Rust?

Oil paintings by DL Rust will vary in value. However, some of his work goes for around $300.00 per piece whereas other pieces of work are much more expensive.