What is the value of silver dollars from the early 1920s?

These are the most common dates for silver dollars (e.g. 1921, 1923). They are worth about $15 in circulated condition. In uncirculated condition, Philadelphia coins (no mint mark) go for about $22 while those from San Francisco or Denver can sell for 3 or 4 times as much. The 1923 Peace Dollar from any mint lists at $15 retail in Very Good condition. If the 1921 is the same design it is listed for $85 in that condition, but if it is the Morgan design, then only $14. Of course if they are in higher grades they will be worth more, but none except the 1921 Peace dollar will pass $50 until they reach the grades above MS-60 (typical uncirculated) and it is only $220 in MS-60.