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Clean/cleans is the present simple.

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Q: What is the verb clean in the present simple tense?
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What is the present tense of the word were?

The verb 'were' is the simple past tense used with a plural subject.The present tense used with a plural subject is are.Example: They were a mess but they are clean now.

Is present past and future simple tense verbs?

There are two simple tenses. Present simple and past simple. The word simple means one verb ie not a verb phrase.Present simple has one verb in a present tense form eg They walk to school. -- walk is the present tense verb.Past simple has one verb in a past tense form eg We walked to school. -- walked is the past tense verb.

Simple present tense of do not?

Verb do not

What is the verb to be in the simple present tense?

The simple present tense of "to be" is an irregular conjugation:I am, we areYou areHe, she or it is, they are

What is the present simple tense of the verb provide?

Provide is present simple.

What is the verb tense for the engine is not operating?

It is simple present tense.

Is clean a past tense verb?

Clean is not past tense, it's present tense. The past tense is cleaned.

What kind of tense is It is a fine Saturday?

The verb - is - is a present tense be verb so the tense of this sentence is present. Also because there is only one verb you could say it is present simple.

Is the word are a simple present tense verb?

Yes it is.

How do you convert you to simple present tense?

You is a pronoun and pronouns don't show tense. Verbs show tense. You walk to school. - present simple, verb walk You walked to school - past simple, verb walked = past tense of walk.

Is the present tense the same as the simple present?

Yes when people refer to the "present tense" they often mean the "simple present tense". The other present tenses are normally referred to as such. For example, the "present perfect tense".Also:It is called present simple or simple present because it has one verb.

Ali is in Manchester what is the future tense verb?

There is no future tense verb in this sentence. The sentence is present simple (is).