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The verb in the sentence is penalized.

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Q: What is the verb of this sentence Why was the whole team penalized?
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What is the simple predicate in The whole team was penalized?

The verb is was; the verb phrase is was penalized(The whole team was penalized...)

Why was the whole team penalized?

The simple predicate is 'was penalized'.

What is the simple subject of the whole team was penalized?

The simple subject is the noun team.The complete subject is 'The whole team'.In an interrogative sentence (a question), the verb and subject may be transposed, for example, "Why was the whole team penalized?" is a transposed form of "The whole team was penalized, why?"

What is the verb or verb phrase to why was the whole team penalized?


What is the verb in the sentence the whole neighborhood was dark?

The verb in the sentence is was, a linking verb(neighborhood=dark).

What is it called when a verb tells about thewhole sentence?

If the verb is the whole sentence, then it is not a sentence, but a sentence fragment. A sentence requires at least a subject and a verb. Examples of Sentence Fragments: Run. Hide. Watch.

What does every independent clause or whole sentence have to have?

a verb

What is the whole verb in this sentence magnets attract iron and steel particles?

"Attract" is the verb.

What is the verb phrase in the sentence All the members of the team were getting ready for the game?

The verb phrase in this sentence is "were getting"

In the sentence the bombers are the team to beat what part of speech is to beat?

It is a verb.

Is 'it is not fair' a whole sentence?

It's a full sentence. It (direct object) is not (transitive verb) fair (predicate).

What part of speech is can in the sentence The team can prepare for the event or accept the consequences?

In this sentence, "can" is part of the verb, "can prepare."