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This is really a combination of a verb and an adjective in both languages. In English, this is the verb "to be" plus the modifier "full". In Spanish, this is the verb "estar" and the adjective "lleno/a". So "to be full" in Spanish is "Estar lleno/a". The related Spanish verb "llenar" means "to fill".

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Q: What is the verb that means to be full in spanish?
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What does the verb necesitar mean in spanish?

The verb "necesitar" in Spanish means "to need."

What does escuchamos mean in spanish?

It comes from the verb Escuchar, which means "to listen". Escuchamos is the 1st person plural of that verb and it means, "We listen".

What is To do in Spanish?

The verb hacer means "to do" or "to make."

What pronoun is attached to the end of the Spanish verb that means to communicate?

The pronoun attached to the end of the Spanish verb that means "to communicate" is "-se" for the reflexive form, "comunicarse."

Feel in Spanish?

in spanish, "sentir" means "to feel". its a stem changing verb.

What is the unscrambled Spanish word for minarca?

The Spanish verb caminar means to walk.

Which Spanish verb means to have fun?


What does the spanish word tener mean?

"Tener" is the Spanish verb meaning "to have", as in posession of something. There is a second verb in Spanish, "haber", which means "to have" when used as an auxilary verb for perfect tenses, i.e. "have done".

What does 'swimming' mean in Spanish?

Swim means nothing in Spanish. In Spanish, the verb "to swim" is "nadar."

What is the spanish verb that means to have?

you have to go somewhere it means to look at something

What does Necesitamos mean in Spanish?

i take Spanish and the verb "necesitar" means "to need"

What does el verbo tener mean?

"El verbo tener" means "the verb to have" in Spanish. It is used to indicate possession or obligation in different contexts.