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When you have your cell phone call: 555 6789

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Q: What is the vince's cell phone number in poptropica?
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Where to get the cell phone number on poptropica?

The phone number is on the shovel they gave you.

What do after you get the cell phone on Poptropica?

you call the number from the shovel

What is the cell phone number on poptropica nabooti island?


What cell phone number do you put in to call vince in nabooti poptropica?

You have to get the shovel and that is where you will find his number.

How do you call vinces cell on poptropica?

you have to have the turban from the sales lady in nabooti.( you get it with the blue lily by the lady with the chicken and the fox) put on the turban and go to Giza (i think that's the name. if not you can probably guess where) talk to the guards there and theyll give you a shovel. the shovel has vinces number on it. use the phone that you get from the sales guy (with the golden nugget from the place with the turtle. its in the trees.) hope that helps any.! :]

What 's are there on the cell phone in poptropica in nabooti island?

you need to look at the shovel closly and you will see a phone number

What is the cell phone number in poptropica nabooti?

the number is on the shovel which you get by talking to the guy in front of the totem he is the one on the left

How do you get passed the sephinx in nooboti in poptropica?

Get the shovel then get the cell phone call the number on the cellphone in Giza.

What is the cell phone number in poptropica on nabooti?

You find the cell phone number on the shovel given to you by the worker at Giza. Stand near the tent at Giza and Dial: 555-6789 ~ Hope this helps!

Does your cell phone run out of battery on poptropica?


How can you get the cell phone on poptropica?

At the bottom of the cave.

What are all phone numbers for the cell phone in poptropica?

411, 511

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