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Doing things you know to be bad for others.

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Is it against the law to sleep with your lawyer?

It's an ethics violation.

Withholding information or falsifying data is an example of which of these?

Violation of ethics

Can you sue you ex's lawyer for having an affair?

With your ex? No, but it's a ethics violation.

How are laws and ethics dissimilar?

Ethics may or may not be enforced, whereas laws are supposed to be. Ethics if they are codified are usually done so unofficially, while laws are codified by a government. A violation of ethics may also be a violation of laws, but not necessarily. Ethics may be personal as well as collective, and laws are intended to apply to people collectively. Ethics may vary among people and institutions, and laws are supposed to apply equally. All ethics are ethical, not all laws are ethical.

Who was the sociologist research that included tea rooms watch queens accusations of sociological snooping and a violation of research ethics was a study based on the work of?

"tea rooms," "watch queens," accusations of "sociological snooping," and a violation of research ethics

What has the author Alice Jacob written?

Alice Jacob has written: 'Violation of journalistic ethics and public taste' -- subject(s): Cases, Journalistic ethics, Press law

Who reviews a report of an alleged ethics violation in the military?

The US Government and US Military takes all complaints very seriously, there is a US office of Government ethics. The Government ethics office would follow up ethics violations plus the relevant defense agencies head ethics officials.

Can an attorney you have discussed a case with later become prosecutor of the same case?

No. It would be a conflict of interest, a violation of attorney-client privilege, and a violation of the law professions canon of ethics

Ethics of plagiarism?

Plagiarism involves deception and is therefore dishonest and unethical. If it involves copyright violation it is also illegal.

Can Paralegals can be sanctioned for violation of ethical rules in the same manner as attorneys?

No, they are under direct supervision of the attorney they work for. The attorney is the one that is able to be sanctioned for a paralegal's violation of ethics. -Law Student in MA

Who conducted the sociological research that included tearooms watch queens accusations of sociological snooping and a violation of research ethics as he completed his dissertation?

Laud Humphreys

Can you get arrested if your a teacher and you take money from kids even if they are bad?

Get arrested, probably not. However, you will be in violation of ethics codes. Depending on your state, you may lose your liscense or job. I'd check the SBE's code of ethics before I ever took money from a kid.

What are some considered violations of medical ethics that a physician might do?

A physician must act in the best interest of their patient. They must also provide their patient with information, as they have a right to refuse or pick their treatment. Violating either of these principles is considered a violation of medical ethics.

What is the appropriate punishment for violation of ethical and legal principles?

The two are not synonymous and therefore not comparable. Laws (legal principles) are codified and agreed to by the legislature (representative of the people) and are necessary to establish good order and calm among society. Ethics, on the other hand, are viewed and interpreted differently from person to person. Your ethics are quite likely (almost certainly) to be different from my ethics. However, ethics are not enforceable via the law. There are no punishments for violations of "ethics" except where these principles happen to coincide in statutory law.

Can someone claim fraud if an attorney states falsely that the other party in a divorce has no assets when the attorney knows that they do and it is on record with the court and he has been informed?

It would be considered an ethics violation.

What is the difference between ethics and little ethics?

Regular ethics are the science of morals, and morals or little ethics are guidelines of ethics.

What is ethics in IT?

What is ethics in IT?

What is the difference between Business Ethics and Code of ethics?

difference between ethics and business ethics

What are types of business ethics?

1.Trasactional ethics 2.Participatory ethics 3.Recongnitional ethics

How do you file a complaint against a lawyer?

WHAT type of complaint? If it is a violation of his ethics code, contact your State Bar Association. If it is a criminal complaint, report the offense to law enforcement. If a civil complaint, sue him.

What are types of ethics?

Some types of ethics include justice based ethics, right based ethics, duty based and virtue based ethics.

What is a criminal violation?

A criminal violation is a violation that was caused on purpose or not "at fault" and a strictly forbidden violation as well.

Is a tint violation a moving violation in California?

No its not a moving violation. Moving violations are a kind of violation that you get when your vehicle is moving.

Can a land lord ask your doctor do they treat you?

Technically they probably can. Very few doctors would answer, though, because doing so is not only an ethics violation but in most countries there are actual laws against it.

What is the three subsections of philosophical ethics?

Normative ethics, metaethics, and applied ethics

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