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It is 36 cubic inches.


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The height of a triangular based pyramid is given by h=2V/(bxl). V is its volume, b its base and l its length.

The formula for finding the volume for a triangular pyramid is half base x height x length. A triangular pyramid has four faces.

If the base length is 6 inches then the base area will be 9*sqrt(3) = 15.6 cm2, which rounds to 16, not 15. So some of the information provided is patently incorrect and therefore the question has no sensible answer.

Use the Pythagorean theorem: a^2 + b^2 = c^2 a = sqrt (c^2 - b^2) Where: a=the height (pyramid height from base to peak) b=the base length c = the hypotenuse (slant) length

You did not give the height of the pyramid and 16 cm is not an area, but the area of the face would be one half the face height of the side of the pyramid times the length of the base side.

The answer depends on what sort of triangle: right angled, equilateral, isosceles or scalene.

A triangle has only 2 dimensions, lenght and hight. a triangular pyramid has 3, length, width, and hight, and is made of 4 triangles

One half base times height (of the triangular section) times length.

PyramidGwill help you to calculate the parameters of the golden section pyramid by the desired height or the length of the base, the ratio of which will be the golden section. You can choose the length of the base of the pyramid or the height of the pyramid as the greater value.PyramidG for Cheops calculates the parameters of the pyramid, which base is the golden section of the Cheops pyramid. The calculation is made by the specified values ​​of the height or the length of the base of the pyramid.

A pyramid has a base and triangular sides which rise to meet at the same point. The base may be any polygon such as a square, rectangle, triangle, etc. The general formula for the volume of a pyramid is: Area of the base * Height * 1/3 The volume of a pyramid with a rectangular base is equal to: Length of base * Width of base * Height * 1/3

It depends on the shape of the prism - whether its ends are triangular, rectangular or are polygons with more sides.

66m height (estimated). The length of each side of the base is about 755 feet.

length times width times height returns an answer in square inches, provided length, width and height are in inches. Example: 2(inches)*3(inches)*1(inches)=6(inches)*(inches)*(inches) =6(inches)^3=6 cubic inches

A triangular prism can be thought of as a stack of triangles. Then the volume is equal to the area of the triangular base multiplied by the height of the prism, or 1/2 length * width * height.

The volume of a triangular pyramid can be found using the formula Volume=Base Area x height /3. Surface Area can be expressed as Surface Area =Base Area+0.5 x perimeter x side length.

You need some information about the height of the pyramid and the formula will depend on whether you have the vertical height or the slant height or the length of a lateral edge.

Assume that a = apothem length of the triangular prism, b = base length of the triangular prism, and h = height of the triangular prism. The formulas to find the surface area is SA = ab + 3bh.

volume=length x width x height so to figure out the answer you need to know the length,width, and height.

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