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What is the volume of the stratosphere?

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Pretending that the earth and its atmosphere are perfectly spherical and not elliptical, we can calculate the approximate volume of the stratosphere. The radius of the Earth is roughly 6,378.1 km. The troposphere, which lies below the stratosphere is around 18 km at its highest height. The stratosphere extends to around 42 km above the troposphere. Finding the difference between the volume of the earth including the atmosphere and the earth up to the troposphere gives the approximate volume of the stratosphere. It is approximately 22 thousand million kiloliters.

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What is the volume of the ozone layer?

It is the volume of the atmosphere. Most of it is confined to the stratosphere, so it could be the volume of the stratosphere.

Calculate the surface area and the volume of the sphere of the stratosphere?

Unanswerable - the stratosphere is a region, not a set distance from earth and is not regular.

Can you have a thunderstorm in the stratosphere?

The majority of the volume of a thunderstorm will always be in the troposphere, however, the tops of some very severe thunderstorms can penetrate into the stratosphere.

Which layer has more volume of oxygen between the troposphere and stratosphere?

it has more mass

Why do a weather balloon keep increasing in volume as it rises through the stratosphere?

As it goes higher, the atmospheric pressure decreases.

Is the upper stratosphere is cooler than the lower stratosphere?

Is the upper stratosphere is cooler than the lower stratosphere?\

What is the composition in the stratosphere?

What is the composition in the stratosphere?

What other layer is found within the stratosphere?

The layer you are probably referring to is the Ozone Layer. This lies in the Upper Stratosphere.The stratosphere is also subdivided into Upper Stratosphere and Lower Stratosphere, then further subdivided into more altitude-based layers, such as Upper Lowermost Stratosphere and Lower LowermostStratosphere.

What layer is the stratosphere?

the ozone layer is in the stratosphere

Is the stratosphere in the homosphere or the heterosphere?

stratosphere is in the heterosphere

Why is the stratosphere being depleted?

The stratosphere is depleted due to CFC's. They deplete the ozone present in the stratosphere.

What is the Stratosphere?

The stratosphere is the layer above the troposphere (where we live). The ozone layer is found in the lower stratosphere. The stratosphere is the lowest layer where temperature increases with increasing altitude.

What is in the Stratosphere?

The stratosphere is a layer of Earthâ??s atmosphere. You can find a lot of ozone in the stratosphere, but not much else.

How do you use the word stratosphere in a sentence?

The stratosphere is the second closest layer of the atmosphere to the earth. The ozone is in the stratosphere.

What is the altitude of the stratosphere?

The altitude of the Stratosphere is 50 km.

How many floors does the Stratosphere have?

The Stratosphere has 24 floors.

Is the ozone layer between the troposphere and the stratosphere?

It is in the stratosphere.

What is the thickness of the stratosphere?

The thickness of stratosphere is 43 km.

What is the density of gas in the stratosphere?

the density of the stratosphere is about .18

Is Mount Everest in the stratosphere?

No, but it is really close to the stratosphere.

How is water trapped in stratosphere?

Water is trapped beneath the stratosphere by the tropopause. (The tropopause is the boundary between the troposphere and stratosphere.)

What gases make up the stratosphere?

Stratosphere is pretty thick layer of earth. It is a layer which forms the essence of atmosphere. The stratosphere or the lower stratosphere consists of ozone gas.

Why do most airplanes travel in stratosphere?

Most aircraft do not travel in the stratosphere. Some military and passenger jets fly in the stratosphere, but most aircraft fly in the troposphere, below the stratosphere.

What is the stratoshpere?

The Stratosphere is the second layer of the atmosphere. Troposphere and then the Stratosphere.

Is ozone located in stratosphere or troposphere?

ozone is found in the stratosphere.

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