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Q: What is the wages paid to an employee?
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What is Remunaration?

It is the wages and bonuses paid to an employee.

When an employee does personal business on a computer while he or she is at work what are they stealing?

The employee is essentially stealing wages from the employer because the employee is getting paid for not doing work for the employer.

Is the president of Ghana a civil servant?

Yes, the president of Ghana is a governmental employee and is paid wages by the government.

I need to get paid. Company as closed?

Contact your local employment office. If the company is bankrupt then employee wages are one of the first debts paid.

What percentage of your wages is paid for unemployment in Texas?

Unemployment benefits are paid by the state which in turn collects its funds from the business. The employee does not pay into the fund.

Advantages of minimum wages?

what are the advantages in give salary or wages to ann employee? what are the advantages in give salary or wages to an employee?

In Florida can an employer refuse to pay wages due if the employee no longer works for him?

Federal law requires that you must be paid for any time that you actually worked. You may not be entitled to paid time off or other monetary benefits, but your wages must be paid.

Can you receive termination pay and severance pay?

The payment of the employee's final wages is different from severance pay. Final wages are mandated by law to be paid -- an employee who is discharged must be paid all of his or her wages, including accrued vacation, immediately at the time of termination. On the other hand, severance pay is a special form of compensation from the employer. There is no law requiring an employer to offer or provide such. So in case of termination, the employee may receive both his final wages as well as a severance pay package (if provided by the employer).

Can a Ca employer hold an employees wages?

There are situations where a California employer can hold an employee's wages. If the employee's wages are being garnished the employer can hold them.

What do you call wages earned but not paid?

Wages earned but not paid are referred to as "accrued wages." or a pay in arrears.

If an LLC declares bankruptcy how are owed employee wages handled?

If an LLC declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy the employees wages will continue to be paid as normal. However, under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the employees are listed as creditors, and wages are paid out with other creditors from any remaining assets, if any remain.

What is employee separation compensation?

Employee separation compensation is an amount of money above regular wages. It is paid to employees who are leaving a company. Generally, this extra money is only paid when the company is going to be downsizing, is sold, or is going to close. An employee may also be offered separation compensation as an incentive to retire early.

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