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Between .303 and .308 lbs per cubic inch, depending.

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What is the Formula to calculating the weight of BRASS?

You can use 8.5 as Brass density and work out the weight

What is the weight of five thousand shekels of brass?

125-194 lbs

How many Brass make One Metric Ton of weight?

how many brass make one metric ton of weight?

Is copper lighter than brass?

copper is lighter than brass if you mean in weight.

How do you get the atomic weight of brass?

Brass does not have an atomic weight as it is an alloy. An alloy consisting of Copper (Atomic Weight: 63.546) & Zinc (Atomic Weight:65.38). This is why there is no Atomic Weight available for it. Once in a while a comparison of metals requires commonality. Such as if you were comparing the mass of a Brass item to say one of Lead (Atomic Weight:207.2). Mixtures of Brass vary from 5% Zinc to 45%. As you can easily see the weight of both Copper and Zinc are close in weight, and both are about 1/3 of the Lead. This would mean that if you were making a weight for say "skin diving" if you used lead instead of Brass the lead would be 1/3 the size and identical weight.I hope this had helped you.

Is brass lightweight?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It depends on the weight percent copper and zinc used in it.

What is the difference between bronze and brass?

The biggest difference between bronze and brass is the density, mass, and weight. Bronze and brass are also made of different metals.

What is the weight of cp brass bib cock?

400 gram

How do you calculate the weight of brass square bar?

Put it on a weighing machine!

How much does a pianos brass plate weight?

Piano plates are made of cast iron

Is brass the same as iron in weight?

I think this cannot be answered as you ave not mentioned the volume of the brass and Iron.But if you need to compare the two metals it is better to use density.

What is the weight density of brass?

Brass is any alloy of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties.The density of brass is 8400 kilograms per cubic meter or 8.3 grams per cubic centimeter.

What is the value on the Franklin Mint 100 Greatest American Ingot Collection in Bronze?

the answer is the weight of scrap brass!!

What is a dart mostly made out of?

Darts come in a variety of materials, weights and grips. The most common metals used in the production of darts are brass, nickel silver and tungsten. Brass is inexpensive and is perfect for the home recreational player and the occasional pub game. Nickel Silver has the same attributes of brass but is tarnish resistant. Tungsten is extremely dense, three times denser than brass & nickel silver, and is popular because of its weight to size ratio resulting in a heavier weight in a smaller mass. If two barrels, one made of brass and one made of tungsten, the same weight were compared you would see that the tungsten barrel is 3 times smaller than the brass barrel. These important features make tungsten the material of choice for the more serious dart shooter.

Weight of brass pipe?

68,080 pounds depending on schedule and diameter give or take a few thousand pounds

What is a sentence with the word brass?

I play a brass instrument. Be sure to polish the brass doorknobs. The statue was made of brass. Your heart starts beating like a big brass band.

Is a the comet instrument a brass or woodwind?


Is a sousaphone high or low brass?

There is no such thing as "high brass". Only brass and low brass, and sousaphone/tuba is classified as low brass.

Why are brass instruments called brass?

because they are made of brass

How Much Can You get selling brass at the junkyard?

Brass is sold by the pound as of Friday the 5th the price of Brass was $2 for Red brass and $2.15 for yellow brass.

What is a brass capt?

a brass capt. is in charge of the brass section of a band.

How can I know if a metal is brass or not?

Brass is not magnetic, brass is a yellow color

What is the brass family made of?

the brass family is made out of wood :) no... they are made out of brass thats why its called the BRASS family

What makes a brass a brass?

Brass is made from zinc and copper. Brass is a common metal that is useful for many things.

What is in brass?

Brass is in Brass :P Brass is an alloy, so its made out of different metals mixed togther. Most brass is 63% copper and 37% Zinc.