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About one pound --wrong

The actual answer is more like 24 ounces by weight. Pint is a volume measurment. One pint of water equals roughly 16 ounces by weight. One pint of corn syrup is heaver than one pint of water.

Corn Syrup has a density of about 1.36 g/ml and water has a density of about 1 g/ml. This means that corn syrup is about 36% heavier by volume than water.

16 oz * 1.36 = 21.76 ounces

A pint of corn syrup is about 22 ounces.

Happened to be checking this item in our commercial kitchen this morning--- so rather than rely on supposition we weighed one cup of Karo Cornsyrup and the weight was .73 Pound.

One cup is 8 fluid ounces so a pint would be 16 fluid ounces and would weigh - 1.46 Pounds. Hope the info is of value.

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Q: What is the weight of one pint of corn syrup?
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How much does one gallon of corn syrup weight?

11.21 lbs

How do you make maple syrup using corn syrup?

Maple syrup and corn syrup are two different syrups. Maple syrup comes from the maple tree and corn syrup comes from corn. You cannot make one from the other.

What is the difference in light corn syrup and karo syrup?

Karo Syrup is light corn syrup. Unless you buy the dark one.

Where in the world is corn syrup from?

Corn syrup is also called glucose syrup. It is not the product of one country; many produce glucose syrup. However "corn syrup" is generally an American term.

Can you replace corn syrup with honey in a recipe?

Yes, replace one cup of corn syrup with one cup of honey.

Are there carbohydrates in corn syrup?

Yes, one tablespoon of corn syrup contains 16 grams of carbohydrates.

How many grams is one cup of corn syrup?

According to the USDA Nutrition Database, one cup of corn syrup has the following weights: light corn syrup = 341 grams = 12.0 oz. dark corn syrup = 328 grams = 11.6 oz. high-fructose corn syrup = 310 grams = 10.9 oz.

How much sap would it take to make a pint of syrup?

The ratio is 40 to 1. Forty pints (five gallons) of sap for one pint of syrup.

What is the difference between corn syrup and light corn syrup?

Corn syrup (such as Karo) comes in dark and clear. When a recipe calls for light, it means to use the clear on instead of the dark colored one.

How much does one pint of maple syrup weigh?

1 lb

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