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Q: What is the weight of the Well L96 airsoft gun?
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Where can you find a good airsoft sniper?'s Well l96 spring rifle is the gun of my choosing

Is the utg l96 worth buyying?

yes i would preffer buyying this airsoft gun it has good acurracy good velocity i say if you have the money get this airsoft gun

Where can you find an airsoft l96?

Only militiary surplus stores or online would have a gun like that.

Whitch is a better gun the well mb05 awm aps2 airsoft sniper rifle or the tsd type l96 spring action sniper rifle?

Definately the L96 ive had it for a while and it hasn't broke p.s.-Damn that thing is powerful

What is the rail size of an airsoft agm l96 awp spring airsoft sniper gun od?

Its a 20mm weaver rail. So almost ALL scope mounts will fit on it

What is better a double eagle m50 sniper rifle airsoft bb gun or a warrior mb-01 l96 airsoft sniper rifle?

Personally, I would get the Well MB01 L96 because it has better performance. It gets 500+ fps while the DE M50 gets about 315 - 325 fps. For a Sniper, you want a good fps to get better accuracy.

What better a double eagle m50 sniper rifle airsoft bb gun or a warrior mb-01 l96 airsoft sniper rifle?

It depends what you need it for. If you need a large heavy sniper for woodland get the l96. But if you want a light tactical sniper which is good for urban warfare aswell get the m50.

Uhc tactical 9 spring airsoft rifle or utg brand airsoft gun?

UTG is a pretty nice brand the best gun has to be UTG L96 artic warfare gun This is seen with professionals but might not be the cheapest so go for what is cheaper but whatever you buy get EXTRA MAGAZINES. Hope this helps

What spring airsoft pistol has the highest fps rate?

I don't no about spring, but the Green Gas M700 Sniper Rifle Competition Professional Airsoft gun, has 720-FPS!!!! And the, Spring CSI L96 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle, has 550-FPS. They are both from, Hobby

Is the l96 a good airsoft sniper rifle?

I am getting this gun and it is an absolutely awesome gun, my friend has got it and it shoots around 460-470 fps and if you upgrade it like i am going to it will shoot 520fps but only if you upgrade it. the accuracy is amazing and it will easily shoot through cans and cardboard no sweat. Yes it is and the UTG L96 is one of the best!

Is a agm l96 awp spring airsoft sniper gun from airsplat metal or plastic?

The body is the only thing that is plastic on the gun, except the piston and orange cap. The inards and barrel are all metal hope this helped

What kind of airsoft battery comes with a well D-94 airsoft gun?

dont get that gun walmart has the best beginer guns