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The African elephant is the largest land animal, with males standing 3.2 metres or 10 ft to 4 metres or 13 ft at the shoulder. They weigh around 3,500 kilograms up to a reported 12,000 kilograms. The female is smaller, standing about 3 metres or 9.8 ft at the shoulder.

Asian Elephants are not as large as their African cousins but can weigh around 5,400 kg and stand over 3.4 m or 11 ft tall
Depending on the size of the Elephant with its trunk it can weigh up to 200 - 400 (kg) kilograms.

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Is an elephant the heaviest mammal?

No, Whales are also mammals and considering a blue whale's tongue can weigh up to 2.7 tons (around the weight of an elephant) their overall weight is many times that of an elephant. However, if I'm not mistaken, elephants are the heaviest land mammals

Weight of a elephant?

A African male elephant can reach up to 7 ton or more while Indian elephants are smaller with a weigth of ~ 5.5 tonthe heaviest elephant ever weight in was 12 ton

Is an elephant or a hippo the heaviest?

Elephant is heavier

What is the heaviest land mammal after an elephant?

African Elephant

Which animal can carry the heaviest load?

The elephant is the animal which can carry the largest gross weight. Among insects, some species of ants can carry the heaviest load compared to body weight, at 10 or more times their own weight.

How heavy is the heaviest elephant?


Which is the heaviest carnivore?

elephant seal

Who is fatter a sumo wrestler or an elephant?

elephant is the heaviest animal in the ground

What is the heaviest mammal?

The blue whale is the heaviest living mammal in the water , while the heaviest land mammal is the elephant.

What is the world's heaviest land mammal?

The African elephant is the world's heaviest land mammal

What is the heaviest cats weight?

The heaviest cat's weight is 46.8 lbs.

What body part on an elephant is the heaviest?


What is the third heaviest land mammal?

All i know is the heaviest land animal is the African Elephant

How much does the heaviest seal weigh?

The heaviest seal ever is the 4ton male elephant seal

What is heaviest land animal in the world?

The African Elephant is the heaviest land animal in the world to date.

The biggest animal on the land?

The African Bush Elephant is the largest land animal in existence. They are also the heaviest, with a weight up to 6 tons.

How much did the heaviest elephant weigh?

7.1276 tonnes

What is the heaviest dry land mammal?

African elephant

What is the heaviest elephant tusk recorded?

117 kgs

What is the world heaviest land mammal?

The African Elephant.

How much does the world heaviest pumpkin weight?


Which is heavy animal in the world?

The blue whale is the heaviest overall animal but the African elephant is the heaviest land animal.

What is the heaviest animals in the world?

The largest and heaviest animal in the world is the blue whale. On land it is the bull African elephant.

At 7000 kilograms what is the heaviest terrestrial animal?

African elephant

What animal has heaviest teeth of any living animal?

an elephant