What is the whole script of The world is an Apple by Alberto Florentino?

The world is an apple

Characters: -Mario



Narrator: Mario enters. sits down and buries his head in his hands. Gloria crosses to him and lay a hand on his shoulder.

Gloria: I know something is wrong. Mario, I can feel it. Tell me what it is

Mario: Gloria, I've lost my job

Gloria: Oh, no! How did you lose it? Mario! Have your sinful fingers brought you trouble again?

Mario: Now, now, Gloria Don't try to accuse me as they did. An apple! Yes, and they kicked me out for it for taking one single apple

Gloria: So that's what you get. . .

Mario: Could I guessed they would do that for one apple? When there were millions of them? We were hauling them to the warehouse. I saw one roll out of a broken crate. It was that big. Suddenly, I found myself putting it in my lunch bag. Do you remember that day I took our little girl out for a walk? On our way home we passed a grocery store that sold "delicious" apples at seventy centavos each. She wanted me to buy one for her but I did not have seventy centavos. She cried. So, when I saw this apple roll out of crate, I thought that Tita would love to have it.

Gloria: We're not rich. We can live without apples.

Mario: Why? Did God create apple trees to bear fruit for the rich alone? Didn't He create the whole world for everyone?

Gloria: So, for a measly apple, you lose a job! Filching an apple that's too small a reason to kick a poor man out a work. You should ask them to give you a second chance, Mario.

Mario: They won't do that. Can't you see they had waiting for me to make a slip like that? They've wanted to throw me out for any reason, so that they may bring their men in.

Gloria: You should complain. . .

If I did, they would dig up my police record. They will do anything to keep me out. But, don't worry, I have found a good job.

Gloria: I know God wouldn't let us down. Mother was wrong. You know, before we get married, she used to tell me "Gloria, you'll commit the greatest mistake of your life if you marry a good - for - nothing loafer!." Oh, you've changed!

Pablo: Hmmmm. How romantic.

Mario: Pablo!

Gloria: What are you doing here? What do you want?

Pablo: Your daughter. . . how is she? Here, I'll loan you a few pesos. It may help your daughter to get well.

Gloria: No. Thank you. Mario has stopped depending on you, since the day I took him away from your clutches! I have no regrets. Mario has none, either.

Pablo: How you can be sure? When he and I were pals we could go to first -class air- conditioned movie houses every other day. I'll bet all the money I have here now that he has not been to one for four years!

Gloria: One cannot expect too much from honest money - we don't

Pablo: What is honest money? Does it buy more? Staying in this dungeon you call a house, is that what you so beautifully call "honesty"?.

Mario: Pablo!

Gloria: I know you have come to lead him back to your dishonest ways, but you can't.

Pablo: You call this living? This Gloria,, is what you call dying - dying slowly minute by minute.

Mario: Pablo, stop it!.

Pablo: Tell her that you no longer believe in the way she wanted you to live.

Gloria: Oh! Mario, . . you promised me you were through with him.

Mario: Gloria. . . you . . . must understand . . . I tried long and hard . . . but could not lift us out of this kind of life. . .

Gloria: You are not going with him, You take good care of yourself and our child.

(Mario walks away with Pablo, Gloria stares dumbly at then.)

Gloria: Mariooooo! ( she cover her face with her dress and cries into it.)

The World Is An Apple Summary:

Mario's family happens to be in the lower bracket of society.

As Mario got home one night, Gloria, his wife, asked for money, which they needed to feed their daughter. Mario told her that he doesn't have money. Gloria didn't believe him, and asked him to tell the truth. Mario told his wife the truth - he was fired from his job.

The reason is because of an apple. He stole an apple for his daughter because he thought that she would like it - this part shows his love for his daughter.

He left with Pablo, his old crime buddy, even if Gloria pleaded very hard for him not to go with the man.

Another summary of The World Is An Apple

When Mario got home. Gloria saw Mario and she was asking for some money to feed there children to Mario. Mario said that he have no money because he did something. Gloria didn't believe on what Mario said and said to tell the truth. When Mario answered it, Gloria was shocked on what she heard because Mario lost his job. Gloria asked Mario if how he lost his job and Mario answered it and Gloria was shocked again because Mario said that he lost his job because of an apple. Gloria said that how can he loose his job by just taking one not a dozen not a crate but one apple and Mario answered that he just saw it rolling and he found himself putting it in his bag because Tita would love to have it, and Mario told Gloria that there's no need to worry because he found a new job. Suddenly Pablo was there ruining the whole conversation and asked them if how is there daughter doing and he'll loan a few pesos to help there daughter and Gloria said that no thank you because Mario stopped depending on Pablo. Pablo said that Mario's new job was with Pablo and when Gloria heard it he told Mario that it's a bad doing and risky. But Mario didn't listen and walks away with Pablo and told Gloria not to worry because he will come back early morning and don't wait for him. Gloria cries and shouting Mario, while Tita was crying also because he heard the conversation.