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Nitric acid reacts with ammonium hydrate to produce ammonium nitrate (a salt) and water.

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Q: What is the word equation for nitric acid and ammonium hydroxide?
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What is the word equation for ammonium hydroxide by nitric acid?

Ammonium hydroxide and nitric acid yield ammonium nitrate and water.

What is balanced equation for tin nitric acid ammonium hydroxide and citric acid?

NaNo3 Cu-4T2

What salt is produced when you mix nitric acid and ammonium hydroxide?

ammonium nitrate

What is the balanced equation for the reaction of nitric acid and sodium hydroxide?

Nitric acid: HNO3 (acid) Sodium hydroxide: NaOH (base) This is therefore an acid-base reaction. Acid + Base --> Salt + Water Therefore: HNO3 + NaOH --> NaNO3 + H20 Or: Nitric acid + Sodium hydroxide --> Sodium Nitrate + Water

Symbol equation for potassium hydroxide and nitric acid?

potassium hydroxide is POH and nitric acid is HNO3

What compound is yellow with hydrochloric acid colourless with nitric acid and white with ammonium hydroxide?

a dick hoe

What is the pH of ammonium nitrate?

The P.H. of Ammonium Nitrate is 7(neutral). Why? Now that's a good question. It is on 7 because it is an acid mixed with and alkali which is known as a Neutralization reaction. That is why it is 7 on the P.H. scale. The equation is Ammonium Hydroxide+Nitric Acid which equals to Ammonium Nitrate.

What is the acid and alkali used in making ammonium sulphate?

Nitric Acid is used to make Ammonium Nitrate

What is the balanced equation for ammonium hydroxide and perchloric acid?

the balanced equation for ammonium hydroxide and perchloric acid is given below.NH4OH (aq) + HCl (aq) ---> NH4Cl (aq)+ H2O (l) .Above is the balanced molecular Equation.

What is the order of reaction in ammonium nitrate production from ammonia and nitric acid?

When ammonia dissolves in water it forms ammonium hydroxide by the reaction NH3 + H2O -> NH4OH Ammonium Hydroxide is a base which reacts with acids, in the case nitric, by the reaction NH4OH + HNO3 -> NH4NO3 + H2O

Is ammonium nitric acid a ionic or covalent?

There is no compound called ammonium nitric acid. Ammonium nitrate is ionic.

What is the equation of ptassium hydroxide and nitric acid?

The chemical equation is: KOH + HNO3-------------→KNO3 + H2O