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ευλογημένος (evlogimenos).

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Q: What is the word for blessed in Greek?
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What does Barry mean?

It comes from the word "blessed"-- Baruch. Many names today come from old Hebrew, Latin, or Greek names.

How many syllables are in the word blessed?

The word blessed has one syllable.

When you say our blessed Savior does the word blessed have two syllables?

Yes in this circumstance the word blessed has two syllables.

What is blessed bread distrubuted at eastern christian church called?


What does the name Barry mean?

It comes from the word "blessed"-- Baruch. Many names today come from old Hebrew, Latin, or Greek names.

What is Barack translated in Greek?

Baraq (ברק) is the Hebrew word for lightning, but there is no such word in Greek.Note: based on the spelling in the question, you're talking about Barack Obama, whose name is not Baraq in Hebrew. It is Baruch (ברוך) which means "blessed".

What is the Greek word for 'blessed'?

Strictly speaking, there is no Greek meaning of the word 'blessed'. The word 'blessed' comes from a German word 'bletsian' meaning 'blood' - the reference being back to Old Testament sacrifices.The English-speaking church chose to use the word 'bless' as a translation for the Greek 'eulogeitos', the meaning of which is explained below. This Greek word actually provides the English word 'eulogy'. 'eu' means 'good' and 'logy' means word - hence the meaning of eulogy is literally 'a good word'.This Greek word 'eulogeitos' was the chosen by the New Testament writers as the nearest equivalent word they had for the contextual meaning for the Old Testament Hebrew word 'barak', which literally means 'to kneel'.eujlogevw Eulogeo (yoo-log-eh'-o);Word Origin: Greek, Verb, Strong #: 2127to praise, celebrate with praisesto invoke blessingsto consecrate a thing with solemn prayers to ask God's blessing on a thingpray God to bless it to one's usepronounce a consecratory blessing onof God to cause to prosper, to make happy, to bestow blessings onfavoured of God, blessedKJV Word Usage and Count bless 43 praise makavrioßMakarios (mak-ar'-ee-os); Adjective, Strong #: 3107blessed, happyKJV Word Usage and Count blessed 44 happy 5 happiermakavrioß Makarios (mak-ar'-ee-os); Adjective, Strong #: 3107I looked it up and this is what they all said when I checked strong and lexiconAnswerευλογημένος - Evlogimenos means blessed. Makarios does too. ...answerthe corect translation is ευλογημένος (evlogimenos). Makarios is sometimes used (in the Bible) but it means more ''happy, having a peaceful soul'' rather than ''blessed''.

What is the meaning of Hindi word prathi?

It means 'blessed' or 'has been blessed'

Another word for blessed?

Some synonyms for the word blessed are sanctified, consecrated, exalted, hallowed, and sacred. Some antonyms for blessed are condemned, unflavored, damned, and unblessed.

What did ancient Greek philosophers think gods were?

Blessed persona of nature.

What did Greek philosophers think gods were gods were?

Blessed persona of nature.

When to use blest in a sentence?

The word should be blessed but can be spelled blest. I felt blessed. The priest blessed the baby.