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The curse word would be 'mierda'

The normal word would be 'excrementos fecales'.

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banquilla, taburete, escabel (stool to sit on)

evacuacion de vientre, camara (anal evacuation)

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Q: What is the word for fecal matter in Spanish?
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What is the correct Hebrew word for fecal matter?

צואה (tso-AH)

When was Fecal Matter - band - created?

Fecal Matter - band - was created in 1985.

When did Fecal Matter - band - end?

Fecal Matter - band - ended in 1986.

Is fecal matter present in bologna?

There should be no fecal matter present in bologna.

Is fecal matter inorganic?

No, fecal matter has plenty of organic content; it is rife with bacteria.

What is the word for elk in the language of the Chilula people?

The word for 'elk' in the Chilula language is 'he who defecates green fecal matter.'

How do you use the word purge in a sentence?

He was force fed laxatives to purge his systems of fecal matter.

What does doody mean in English?

"Doody" is a slang word in English that refers to fecal matter. Although the word is traditionally reserved for that which comes from humans, it is not uncommon for it to be used to describe the fecal matter of other animals. This term is primarily used by people below the age of 15.

What is fecal matter?

Fecal matter is matter contained in or originating from feces aka excrement. Or, in British English: Faecal matter is matter contained in or originating from faeces aka excrement.

What is the passageway of feces?

Fecal matter forms in the intestines, mainly the large intestine. Right before defecation, it is stored in the rectum. Finally, the fecal matter passes out the anus, the muscular opening for passing fecal matter.

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Coxsackie B Virus can be found can be found in cat fecal matter. However, not all cat fecal matter has Coxsackie B virus in it.

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No, I really don't want fecal matter on my face, but thanks for asking