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If it is a cross between a Human and a:




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Q: What is the word for half man half animal?
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What is English in tagalog word called shokoy?

half man half marine animal

The stone statue that is half man and half animal guards what pyramid?

The stone statue that is half man and half animal is the Sphinx. It guards the Pyramid of Giza, which is also known as the Pyramid of Khufu.

What is a half man and half animal called?

A werewolf, or wolf man. _werewolf_ Lycan, werewolf, Loup-Garoux, half-breed... Many would scowl at the word lycan for that is a fictitious word made for the movies lycanthrope is the correct term

What was the animal of the greek god pan?

Half man/half goat.

What is the word for half woman half man?

50 50

What creature is Half woman half animal?

well actually you could have a female animal so err please re-word this

What is the name of animal attached to Lucy in The Chronicles of Narnia?

A fawn. (Half man, half goat) :D

Use the word satyr in a sentence?

A satyr is half man half goat.

What does it man to be endangered animal?

Did you mean the word mean and not man?Anyways,to be an endangered animal it just basically means that there are only a few of your type left.

Is there a single name for half human creatures?

There is no single name but most half human creatures names would consist of "were" meaning man and the animal or creature for example werewolf means man wolf.

Which animal is called half fish and half girl?

No bird can be described as half bird/half mammal. The Duck Billed Platypus was thought to be a "mixture" of animal types when it was first discovered, but the "bill" is unlike a true bird's bill.

What is a 9 letter word for a southern circumpolar constellation that stands for a mythological creature that is half man and half horse?