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Q: What is the word for more new than something else?
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What is the meaning of better?

The word better is used to describe something that is higher in quality when compared to something else. It also can mean something is more useful for a specific situation than something else.

Is there such a word as simpler?

Yes, "simpler" is a real word. It is the comparative form of the adjective "simple," used to indicate that something is more straightforward or uncomplicated than something else.

Is lovelier a word?

Yes, "lovelier" is a word in English. It is the comparative form of the adjective "lovely," used to describe something that is more attractive or pleasing than something else.

Are there more days in a century how do you know?

More days in a century than what? You need to compare "days in a century" with something else if you use the comparative word "more."

What is the meaning of the word larger?

"Larger" is an adjective that describes something being greater in size, extent, or capacity compared to something else. It indicates that the object or entity in question is bigger or more extensive in physical dimensions or magnitude.

How can you use the word friskier in a sentence?

It tells us that someone or something is more lively or boisterous than someone or something else ... in a sentence 'we have two dogs, one friskier than the other'.

What does 'synergistic' mean?

The word 'synergistic' comes from the word synergy which means things being more powerful together than they are on their own. Synergistic therefore means something that is combining well with something else.

What part of speech is the word smaller?

The word "smaller" is an adjective which compares two or more things, indicating a lesser size or amount.

Is disprove a correct word?

No it is is not, if you put another prefix than maybe there is something else.

What is the word that means selling something for more than you got it Ex I bought something for 10 and then sold it for 20 to someone else?

The increase in price can be called a mark-up, or it can be called your profit.

Is denser a word as in dense or density?

Yes, "denser" is a comparative form of the adjective "dense," used to describe something that has a higher concentration or is more tightly packed than something else.

What does the word pertains mean?

If something pertains to something else, it is related or has to do with something else.