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The word is eklektos(εκλεκτός)

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Q: What is the word in Greek for chosen?
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What is the greek word for 'The chosen race'?

ἐκλεκτός - meaning chosen or select

What is 'the chosen one' in Latin?

ELECTUS. In greek, the word is similar: O ΕΚΛΕΚΤΟΣ (ECLECTOS).

How are the symbol for pi and the word pi related?

The symbol of pi is 16th letter of the Greek alphabet and it was chosen because the first letter of the equivalent of the word perimeter begins with pi in the Greek language.

What does the word Christ mean in Greek?

The word "Christ" comes from the Greek word "Christos," which means "anointed one" or "chosen one." It is a title used to refer to Jesus, emphasizing his role as the savior and Messiah in Christianity.

Is it true or false that the disciples were chosen to be the aposles?

The word "apostle" comes from a Greek term meaning "sent forth" or "messenger" (the word "angel" comes from a different Greek word meaning "messenger").So, it's kind of false. The disciples were chosen to be disciples. It may be presumed that the ultimate plan was to make them all "messengers" ... bearers of the euangelion (in English, "good news") ... but they weren't chosen first to be disciples and then later chosen separately to be messengers, and by some amazing coincidence it just happened to be a bunch of the same guys. The word "apostle" is used for many early Christian teachers, not just the disciples.

In word christ what is C h r i s t stands for?

The letters don't stand for anything. It comes from the Greek word Khristos, meaning 'anointed' or 'chosen by the divinity'.

Why is the giraffe's scientific name 'Camelopardalis'?

It is from the Greek word and was chosen because the animal looks a little like a camel and is spotted like a leopard.

What is the Aramaic word for chosen?

The Aramaic word for chosen is "mar".

Why was the pi symbol chosen?

i think the pi was chosen by greek people for 3/14/13

Which mathematician first used the symbol pie and why?

It was popularised by the mathematician William Jones in 1706 and pi is the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet and it was chosen because the first letter of the Greek word for perimeter begins with pi.

Were ancient Greek oligarchies chosen by election?


How were the ancient Greek kings chosen?

By line of descent.