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poca guerra


Not saying this is wrong, but I would say that it depends on the context.

If you say "There is little war between the countries", "little" describing the amount of war, I'd say "Hay poca guerra entre los paises".

But if you meant "little war" as in the size of the war, I'd say "(la) guerra pequeña".

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Guerrita is the diminutive of "guerra". A small war would be "guerra pequeña". You could also mean "a small amount of war", which would be "poco guerra".

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Q: What is the word in Spanish meaning 'little war?
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A spanish word meaning little war?

The Spanish word for "little war" is "guerra pequeña".

Spanish peasants fighters who ambushed french troops and then fled into hiding a spanish word meaning little war?

The Spanish word meaning "little war" is "guerrilla."

Spanish word meaning little war?


What Spanish word means little war?

Spanish word for "little war" is Guerillas or Guerrillas

Who were the spanish peasant fighters who ambushed French troops and then fled into hiding?

Guerrillero. This is the Spanish word for guerrilla fighters. Guerilla comes from the Spanish, meaning "little war".

What is the spanish word meaning war?

la guerra

Where did the word guerrilla come from?

It is a diminutive of the Spanish word for war. Literally, a little war.

How do you spell gurilla?

This could be either of two words and spellings: * Guerilla: the fighter or fighting method (from the Spanish word meaning little war) * Gorilla: the great ape

How was the Spanish American War?

It was called a Splendid Little War.

Where does the word guerilla come from?

The word guerrilla comes from the French word "guerre" meaning war. The word "guerrilla" in Spanish also means "little war". Hence the word guerrilla is used to mean unconventional tactics, where lightly armed combatants take on more heavily armed and static armies in mobile attacks. It derives from the Peninsula War 1807-1814, where lightly armed civilian armies (or militia) fought Napoleon's forces.

Roosevelt described the Spanish-American War as?

A "splendid little war"

How did the Spanish-American War go?

It is often termed a splendid little war.