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Q: What is the word in between upthrust and friction?
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Is friction and upthrust are equal to thrust the cyclist moving at the terminal velocity?

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Which forces slow things down out of upthrust friction weight and air resistance?

Air resistance and friction. Weight can sometimes slow you down if your going up in like a plane or rocket. UpTHRUST THRUST=Push

Names of forces?

Forces include, Upthrust, Gravity, Magnetism, Friction, Push and Pull, with so many more!

What is upthrust during fluid friction?

During the period when the liquid is passing through a material, like pipe. The force which is applied from the back to push the liquid upwards is known as upthrust

What is the difference between gravity and upthrust?


What is the difference between upthrust and buoyancy?

Upthrust and Buoyancy is the same thing there's no difference but upthrust is usually used for liquids or fluids lets say but buoyancy is used for air .

How do you use use the word friction in a sentence?

I sense a lot of friction between Israel and Gaza. == ==

What is the difference between thrust and upthrust?

Thrust is the only perpendicular force but upthrust is the force which act on a body when is in drown vessel

What force slows things down?

Friction, when moving sideways. Upthrust when you are trying to go down. gravity when you are trying to go up

What is the difference between upthrust and weight?

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What is cause of upthrust force?

It is when an object floats due to balanced force between upthrust of the fluid (pushing upwards) and weight of the object (pushing downwards).

What does friction between two rocks cause that is a 21 letter word?