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What is the word origin for the word incredulous?

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what is the word origin for incredulous

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What is the root word for incredulous?

The root word for incredulous I think is incredible.

What would the word origin be for the word Incredulous?

The origin is in the Latin word 'incredulus', an adjective descibing a person who cannot believe something. A related word is 'incredible' from the Latin 'incredibilis' meaning that which cannot be believed.

What is another word for incredulous?

A good word to use in place of incredulous is skeptical.

Where would you use the word incredulous?

His response left me incredulous.

What is a sentence with the word incredulous in it?

INCREDULOUS used as an adjective is very rare.

Ow can incredulos be use in a sentence?

The word "incredulous" is a synonym of the word "suspicious. " An example of "incredulous" in a sentence is "Most of the jury was incredulous about the prosecuting attorney handling the case. "

Sentence using the word incredulous?

It was so incredulous, I forgot to ask for her autograph.

Is this correct use of the word incredulous it seems incredulous that forty years have passed since we graduated?


What is a synonym for the word bogus?

unreal, incredulous

Can you put the word incredulous in a sentence?

yes,the costumed hero was greeted by incredulous looks on peoples faces by hunnie bunnie

What does the word incredulous mean in the book the outsiders?


How do you use the word incredulous in a sentence?

(Incredulous means "in doubt", "or disbelieving.)I looked on, incredulous, as my mom punched the principal in the nose!The costumed hero was greeted by incredulous stares from the crowd below.There were incredulous looks on the parents' faces as Santa's sleigh flew down to return the boy to his house.The players were incredulous as they watched Rosa's long shot swish through the net

What are two sentences for the word incredulous?

After I told my brother that there was a faerie in his room, he looked at me incredulously. His voice sounded incredulous when he asked me if I really had an A+.

A sentence with incredulous?

"I find it incredulous that someone can have access to a computer and need to ask someone else how to find a piece of information; such as the definition of a word."

What is the meaning of the word incredible?

Hard to believe, spectacular, incredulous.

Can an incredulous person believe what is happening?

No because we know that cred means believe but the word in means not. So an incredulous person can't believe what is happening

What is the suffix for incredulous?

Actually, incredulous doesn't have one. There is 'credulous' and 'incredulous' which is 'credulous' with the prefix 'in'.

What is a sentence for incredulous?

"She gave him an incredulous look."

Incredulous in a sentence?

I am incredulous towards the bible.

What is the word for this definition unwilling to admit or accept what is offered or true?


What is the word for someone who refuses to believe you?

Sceptic, sceptical, incredulous and suspicious

What is a sentence with the word increduolous?

His incredulous attitude angered everyone in the room.

What is the definition of 'incredulous'?

Incredulous means skeptical or unbelieving.It is an adjective, usually applied to people or a person

What is the suffix of incredulous?

The suffix of the word incredulous is ous. This suffix means having the quality of. It is an adjective and some other example words include adventurous and courageous.

Can you give us a sentence with incredulous in it?

You said you believe me, but your manner is incredulous.