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Diffraction is separating light into bands using a grid.

Refraction is the bending of light.

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Q: What is the word scientists use for the bending of light?
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How do you use light rays in a sentence?

Refraction is the bending of light rays when passing from one transparent material to another.

What measurement do scientists use for the distance between stars and Earth?

scientists use light-years to measure long distances in space. a light year, (abrviated ly) is the distance light can travel.

How does light bend right now?

I can only use an EX: if you have a flashlight and shine it at a mirror, it will then be projected at an angle, like on the celling. that is the bending of light.

Use the word pliant in a sentence?

The pliant piece of wood was bending so much it snapped.

Why scientists use tungsten metal in manufacturing the filament of the light bulbs?

it glows and emits light.

What word do scientists use for push and pull?


What word do scientists use to describe sugar?


Use refraction and lens in the same sentence?

A lens transparent object that forms an image by refracting ,or bending light

What do scientists use to break up the suns light into spectrum?

A prism.

What is another word scientists use for mistake?

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What do scientists use to measure temperature light moisture and wind?

For the temperature: thermometer.For the light: luxmeter.Moisture: hygrometer.Wind: anemometer.

Why scientists use computer one word answer?

One-word answer huh... Research or Simulation orTesting.