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utau. oo-TAH-oo

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Q: What is the word sing in Japanese?
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What does the word 'utau' mean when translated from Japanese to English?

It means 'to sing.'

When was Sing in Japanese created?

Sing in Japanese was created on 2011-09-13.

How do i sing In japanese?

Listen to a japanese song and listen to it. Once you listen to it you will get the hang of it and you will sing it. : )

What language does lmc sing in?


What is the word 'song' when translated from English to Japanese?

Dattebayo Like in naruto. He will say that alot if you watch the show in Japanese. i believe it is the same as sing which is uta うた _____ I believe that "to sing" is "Utairu" or "Utaimasu" and I've heard the word "song" said in two ways, but I'm not sure which is formal and which is slang, there's "Utau" and "Uta".... but the route of the word is definitely "Uta"

How do you say sing in Japanese?

'You sing' would be 'anata WA utaimasu'.

What is the Italian word for the English word sing?

to sing: cantare I sing: io canto

What langouges did Celine Dion sing in?

She can sing in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

What has the author Liane Pualani Sui Lan Sing written?

Liane Pualani Sui Lan Sing has written: 'Who's there?' -- subject(s): Art, Japanese, Japanese Art

What is the German word for sing?

The German word for the English noun sing is singen

Domiudsai a word in Japanese?

This is not a Japanese word.

How do you say the word it in Japanese?

Japanese does not have a word for "it."