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Q: What is the work needed for a 65kg person to climb through 4.0m surface of the earth?
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What amount of time is needed to climb Mount Everest?

The amount of time needed to climb Mount Everest is usually around 60 days.

Could a person climb a mirage?

No, a person can't climb a mirage since they aren't real.

What skills are needed to climb mount Everest?


Why does temperature fall as you climb?

The planet is heated from the surface upwards, so the higher you go, the farther you are from the heated surface and thus, the cooler it gets. Even though sunlight passes through the upper parts of the atmosphere, it doesn't warm them as much as it warms the surface.

Who was the youngest person to climb?


When did the first person climb Be Nevis?

The first person to climb Ben Nevis was the botanist James Robertson in 1771.

Who was slowest person to climb mount Everest?

There is no 'slowest' person to climb Mount Everest. All climbers have a set time to climb the mountain before turning around.

Can roaches climb glass?

Yes, cockroaches can climb walls. Some species can even climb glass.

What does climb mean?

Climb is a movement with our hands and legs. Like Climbing a ladder. Easy to understand Climb

Who was the first person to climb rocky mountain?

Sir Alexander McKenzie was the first person to climb the rocky mountains

Who is the first person to climb eight thousanders?

Italian Reinhold Messner was the first person to climb all 14 eight thousanders from 1970 to 1986. He was also the first person to climb Everest without the help of oxygen in 1978.

What things are needed to climb Everest?

There are many things needed to climb Mount Everest. Lots of money. Experience in climbing. To be fit and healthy. See the link for a list of equipment that you also need.