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What is the work of the leaf in plant?


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the function of leaf is to generate food for plant .

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Leaf of Pothos plant is called money plant leaf.

Seeing as a leaf is part of a plant, the plant will naturally be bigger.

Yes, the leaf is considered a plant organ.

Generally, leaf cells are found in the leaf of a plant.

No - its a part of -

a ginger plant has a altrenate leaf sistem

A leaf is part of a plant.

rose campion The best example for hastate leaf is convolvulus arvensis plant leaf

The leaf of the money plant is a simple leaf that is heart shaped and alternately arranged on the stem.

the leaf will store and give food to the plant cell

50,000,000 Cells are in a full grown plant leaf :)

srry no answer leaf emergence is the opening of a plant leaf

A banana leaf is a single leaf of the banana plant.

a flowering plant with 1 seed leaf is monocot

The leaf like structure on a plant is called the imaculus.

Since leaf prepares food for the plant, it may be equated with mother

Decline of the plant, growth of another leaf, improvement in the plant, and propagation of another plant are possible outcomes when a leaf is cut off a weed. The consequence for the plant depends upon the function, health, location and size of the severed leaf and of the weed. The consequence for the leaf will be decline into death or, if proper procedure is followed, propagation of another plant.

because the leaf like structure is green because the plant or the flower is made with leaf and the other leaf comes to the flower or plant

Stomata are pores in the leaf that allow gas exchange where water

plastids are in cells, so whatever plastids are in cells are in the plant leaf.

which plant leaf is adapted to prevent water loss

The LEAF CUTICLE protects the leaf from the outside.

Leaf curl is also a plant disease causing the curling of a leaf.

Yes, a leaf have many cells

Leaf is an external organ of the plant

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