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Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) is the youngest public university (till Nov 08) in Bangladesh. Here the BBA and MBA program under Faculty of Business Studies is well structured and inline with IBA, Dhaka University and other reputed foreign universities.

The infrastructure is well built with modern equipped class rooms with Wi-Fi, Webcam, Projector, Double AC, High Speed PC arrangement. It has a very good learning environment and campus with no political activities. Few guest faculties (mainly renowned civil profs) are hired from other universities and institutions. Here the class activities ( quiz, class test, assignments, case studies, midterm exams, presentation and etc)are monitored strongly and as such a student requires to pay full time involvement for better result. However, it should be mentioned that though the university is very young but the structure of Faculty of Business Studies is quite matured as it is the ex-Department of Management Studies of MIST (Military Institute of Science & Technology - an affiliated institute of Dhaka University like IBA )which started its journey in the year 2000.

The International ranking is not yet developed. But this will become 1st in Bangladesh within a few days .

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Q: What is the world ranking position of north south university of Bangladesh?
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What is the position of north south university in Bangladesh?

Position (if it is meant ranking) then North South University in Bangladesh holds position Nationally- 6, Internationally 4544 (Data of May 2017)

What is the position of north south university in world ranking?

First in among others universities of Bangladesh

What is the ranking of private universities in Bangladesh for microbiology?

North south university brac university

7th number private university of Bangladesh?

Here are all 7 ranking from 1: 1.North South University 2.Independent University, Bangladesh 3.BRAC University 4.East West University 5.Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology 6.BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology 7.American International University of Bangladesh

What is the ranking of north south university in Bangladesh based on the department of pharmacy?

NSU is not good for pharmacy.TEACHERS teach students by giving limited notes.notes are backwarded.

BBATop 20 Ranking of private university in Bangladesh?

Ahsanullah, North South, IUBAT. Maanaraat, CTG Technical, BTC, B Leather Tech Univ,

What is the position of North South University in private University ranking in Bangladesh?

Top Private University in Bangladesh- 1.NSU 2.AIUB 3.AUST 4.EWU 5.IUB 6.BRAC 7.UAP 8.IIUC 9.UIU 10.DAFFODIL 11.UODA 12.ULAB 13.USTC 14.STAMFORD 15.SEU 16.PRIMEASIA 17.EASTERN 18.MANARAT

Question on public and private university ranks in Bangladesh?

1: University of Dhaka. 2: Jahangirnagar University,Savar, Dhaka. 3: University of Chittagong 4: University of Khulna 5: University of Rajshahi 6: Jagannath University, Dhaka.

What is the best private university in Bangladesh for biotechnology?

North South University

Which is the best private university in Bangladesh microbiology?

North south university

Is Bangladesh university good for BBA in Bangladesh?

No. Bangladesh University (BU) is not good for BBA in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a good private university here is the list of top universities for BBA in Bangladesh: 1) North South University (NSU) 2) Brac University 3) East West University (EWU) 4)American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)

What is the ranking of Daffodil International University in Bangladesh?

The Daffodil International University is a privately owned school located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh which is at 23.752943 degrees North and 90.377591 degrees East. It has an urban setting and was established on January 24, 2002.Actually there are no rankings of private universities in Bangladesh by any proper authorities or Government. Therefore, there can be no useful and accurate answer.