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It was an F. Why? Because I didn't try. You can do better Mohammad.

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It depends on the school, and potentially the class. Usually the lowest possible grade is F, in both the A B C D F and E S M I F systems, though some classes may be graded on a pass or not pass (P/NP) system, in which case the lowest grade is NP. (Sometimes they're S/NS for Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory instead, in which case the failing grade is NS.)

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The worst grade you could is F-.

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Q: What is the worse grade that you could get in school?
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In my school you got A-E's in it but in 7th grade, at my school, you could do sports and if you didn't do well in gym (below C average) you could not do school sports. I believe you can fail the grade and not get your report card if you fail gym. It depends on your school.

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