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the worst punishment is the tudor ducking stool

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Q: What is the worst punishment can you get?
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What is the worst roman punishment?


What was black beards worst punishment?

was death

What is the worst punishment hades ever gave?

Hades is a fictional 'place'. Places cannot confer punishment

What was the worst punishment in Auschwitz that people survived?

the standing cells

What is the punishment for deliberate homicide in Montana?

Worst case scenario - the Death Penalty.

What was the worst type of punishment that you could receive in Egypt?

Being sent to the gold mines

What is punishment if found guilty of murder in a military court?

Worst-case scenario - you could be sentenced to death

Crime and punishment on a Tudor ship?

The worst type of punishment on board a galleon is 'flogging'. You would receive a number of lashes from a knotted whip depending on how bad the crime had been.

What is the worst punishment for a child?

The best sort of punishment is to make it fit whatever they did. For example, if they wrote on the walls, the punishment would be to clean off all the walls in the house; or if they didn't do their homework on time, the punishment would be to have to sit in the kitchen under your supervision and do their homework every night for a week.

Is saying so a law?

it is a law in these states: Virginia, West Virginia, and Alaska. If you say it then the worst possible punishment is the cutting of ones hands and ears.

What was the worst punishment besides hanging?

Death Penalty: the vaccines they use to stop an animal's heart or in the 1960's getting shocked to death by an electric chair.

If a black man rapes a white girl in the 1930's what would happen?

Probably a Death Sentence the worst there is...and race doesn't matter either..same punishment!

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