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The worst thing about nuclear energy is that it can kill people.

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Q: What is the worst thing about nuclear energy?
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What is better nuclear or atomic energy?

Nuclear energy and atomic energy are the same thing.

Is nuclear reactors and nuclear energy the same thing?

Nuclear energy is released when U-235 undergoes fission, and that takes place in nuclear reactors (or nuclear weapons). So a reactor is a thing constructed to produce nuclear energy.

Is nuclear energy and nuclear fuel the same thing?


What are three examples of nuclear energy?

a star, a thing and a thing

Nuclear power is a bad thing why?

Nuclear energy is powerful, and not to mention that it is renewable. it's not a bad thing.

What is the worst thing about radiation?

Well the worst thing about nuclear radiation is when explodes from a nuclear bomb not only the explosion do damage the radiation destroyes molecules get people really sick and kill the that's why it's so dangerous

What is the only thing that a nuclear reactor can do?

Produce heat (energy) from nuclear fission.

What is a good thing about nuclear energy?

It does not produce CO2.

What is the benefit of nuclear fusion and What is one thing nuclear fission and nuclear fusion have in common?

nuclear fusion make more energy and they both make energy and have waste products

What is the last thing on Earth?

roaches because they can survive even the worst of nuclear storms or disasters

Worst to best way to generate electricity?

Worst to best way to generate electricity: 1.)Nuclear Energy 2.)Fossil Fuels 3.)Solar Energy 4.)Wind Energy 5.)Hydroelectric 6.)Geothermal Energy

Usefulness of nuclear energy related to atomic energy?

Nuclear energy provides about 20 percent of US electricity, so it is useful. Atomic energy is the same thing, but is now an obsolete term, we use nuclear energy as the description now.