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What is the yearly salary of a RN?


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What is the average yearly salary for a nurse?


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A registered nurse or RN makes around 23,080 yearly. The salary of a nurse is dependent on experience and the area.

The salary for an RN in Arizona will vary depending on experience and where the nurse works. The average RN salary in Arizona is about $55,000.

The salary for an registered nurse working at a hospital earn around at less 49,000 yearly. They are a great working field and a amazing salary off money making.

Divide your yearly salary by 12 to get your monthly salary.

They get $51,000 yearly as their salary.

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the average of a RN is around $49,700-$59,600 a year

The average yearly salary for an ophthalmologist is about $200,000.

The average yearly salary is 81,237

His Yearly salary as president was $25.000,00

The yearly salary for a dentist can vary depending on factors such as experience and location. In the United States, the median yearly salary is $145,240.

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The salary of an RN nurse in Georgia is 77,000 dollars a year. This is higher than other states pay an RN.

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median base salary of $41642

The median salary for an RN in Maryland is about $66K. Range is around $50K to $80K.

NURSE 3+ exp starting out salary starting out base salary RN $47,110 $39,000 Staff RN $44,200 $37,000 Master Level $59,600 $49,700 In NY: Out of college RN $65K-$70K Staff RN $72K-&75K Master Level $80K+

For a 40-hour week the yearly salary would be $56,160.00

President George Washington's yearly salary was $25,000.

My sister is an RN, first year, she made about $50,000.

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