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Leo = I read.

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Q: What is the yo form leer in spanish?
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How do you say I don't want to read in Spanish?

Yo no quiero leer.

How do you write I cannot read or write in Spanish in Spanish?

Yo no puedo ni leer ni escribir en español

What does the word aquamarine mean in Spanish?

Aguamarina. Yo soy español lo siento no se puede leer esto.

How do you say we read in spanish?

To read = leer Conjugated in the nosotros form: Leemos

How do you say poner on the yo form in spanish?

"Yo pongo"

What is 'Me gusta leer revistas' when translated from Spanish to English?

"I like to read magazines" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase ¡Me gusta leer revistas! The exclamation also translates as "I like reading journals (newspapers, periodicals)!" in English. The pronunciation will be "mey GOO-sta ley-ER rey-VEE-stas" in Uruguayan Spanish.

The word leer in a sentence?

leer means to read .... in that case you would use it like this... yo leer un libro I read a book

What is the yo form of the word pone in spanish?

El pone. Yo Pongo

How do you spell leer in English?

That is the correct spelling of "leer" (facial expression).The Spanish verb leer means "to read."

How do you text a leer?

You just said can you text a read LEER-Read in Spanish

What is the imperfect 'yo' form of the Spanish verb 'ser'?

Era is the imperfect yo ("I") form of the Spanish verb ser ("to be"). Without the subject pronoun, it may translate as "He was," "It was," "She was" or "You were" according to English contexts. The pronunciation will be "(yo) EY-ra" in Uruguayan Spanish.

Don't like in Spanish?

In the "Yo" form(I), it is "No me gusta"