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i need to know the new theme tune to direct line 2012

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Q: What is theme tune to direct line advert?
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Theme tune to the sure deodorant advert?

Gabriella Cilma - Sweet about me

Who sings theme tune on film 4 advert deeper love?

The theme tune "Deeper Love" on the Film4 advert is sung by the artist Allie X.

What is theme tune to desperate housewives e 4 advert?

Flyswatter by Eels

What is the theme tune for tesco's black ops 2 advert?

Insomnia by Faithless

Who sings the theme tune for the centre parcs advert?

The Temper Trap Sweet Disposition'

What is the theme tune played on the new shearings tv advert?

not jerusalem!! that's the common misconception.

What is the theme tune in the bbc advert for euro 2012?

Its an edit from a song by Craig Armstrong called Escape

What is the name of the song in the BT winter deals advert with the skiing?

the theme tune to BBC's Ski Sunday by Sam Fonteyn

What is the theme tune to Discovery Channel advert about events that shook the world?

Hi. It's The killing moon by Echo and the bunnymen.

What is theme tune to 4 music v festival?

what is the track playing in the advert for v festival on channal 4? It is called Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap x

Who sing the theme tune to the new iceland advert?

It's dance diva Katherine Ellis ... better known for her work with the Freemasons and other noteworthy dance acts.

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what was the theme tune to dirty dancing