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basic pay Contains the current rate of pay information, as well as a history of past rates of pays and effective dates.

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What is the average pay for an EMT in Pennsylvania?

$9-$13/hr, experience depending.

I am going to school to be a certified emt paramedic. how much will I start off making?

The average pay for an EMT/Paramedic with less then a year of experience is around $11.00 an hour.

What does a regular emt job pay?

EMT job pays $38,000

What is the average starting hourly pay for a Basic EMT in New York?

There is a link below to look at the different pay rates of EMT all the way to a medic. It totally depends on the company and part of the state. transport companies will pay EMTs $8 - $12 /hr while 911 squads will pay up to $18 /hr in bucks county (north of philly). Shop and ask around to find the highest paying squads, chances are you will have a line to get in.

What is the average pay for a funeral home office manager in Missouri?


What does Basic salary mean?

Basic salary mean like the average pay. Its typically for the basic worker.

How much a emt get pay?

$15 per hour

What is the average price I should pay by the square foot labor only for framing a house in Missouri Framing only?

$2-$12 is the average price that you should pay by the square foot labor only for framing a house in Missouri Framing only.

How much does an ambulace driver get paid?

It's a tough job with little pay. On average an EMT makes between $8.50 - $10.00 depending on experience.

If you live in Missouri and buy a car from Illinois do you have to pay sales tax in Missouri?

No, but you will have to pay for the registration in Missouri.

How much do Missouri state representatives make?

Having researched the budget for Missouri House of Representatives, if my calculations are correct, the average pay for a Representative is $34,156.29.

What is the average salary for an EMT paramedic in Polk County Florida?

You earn enough to buy Purina Dog chow. The pay in Florida is horrible.

What is the average starting pay of a basic x ray tech in DC?

answer my question

How much does a EMT In the army get paid?

Pay is based by rank not MOS

Does basic pay includes special pay and stagnation increment?

Basic pay does not include special pay and stagnation increment. These are additions to the basic pay which is the base salary that one should get.

How much does a paramedic make in nc?

Average pay for an EMT-Paramedic in the state of North carolina is around $15/hr. Hospital based systems seem to pay more and Paramedics on the North Carolina coast make a little more as well.

Where could one find EMT practice tests?, emt-national-training,, and an enormous array of others have free EMT practice tests for you to take. However, if you would like to take a complete practice test online, there would be a fee you will need to pay.

Is overtime pay part of the basic pay?


What is the average pay for an EMT basic in Texas?

It really depends on who you work for. I've seen it as low as $22,000 and high as $31,000. Another factor is if you run 12 or 24 hour shifts (built in over time). 8 and 10 hour shifts are normally 5 and 4 day weeks so there is no overtime unless you work an extra shift.

How much does an EMT pay for schooling?

This depends on , of course where to plan to attend school, the state you live in and so on. Some emergency medical technician ( basic) can be a full semester or more. On average I would say that with class, books, martrials and fuel, call it 1,200 to be safe. Check your local collage, ask to speak with the E.M.S. coordinator and you will get a more accurate info .

Will Medicaid pay for a tubal reversal in Missouri?


You are a teacher and your basic pay is 5480 what would be your new basic pay?

77 and 1/3

Choosing an EMT School?

When you decide to become an EMT, you make a decision to serve people and care for them. An EMT is an emergency medical technician, and they ride in ambulances to provide emergency medical care at the scene of an accident or medical emergency. EMT training takes between two and six months, depending on how you plan on spreading out your education hours. Depending on where you live, you need between 120 and 150 education hours to get your basic EMT certification. Sometimes, you can take a course that is spread out over long weekend days, which can make the certification process take longer. People who have more time for weekday or daytime classes can often complete their certification in less time. Upon deciding to get your EMT certification, you have to evaluate different EMT schools to decide which certification you want. There are two levels. You can get your basic EMT certification, and you can get an EMT paramedic certification. The basic EMT certification is a slightly shorter program that will lead to a lower-level certification. The paramedic certification is more intensive, but it results in higher pay, better job offers, and a longer certification term. One of the main places you can look for EMT schools is your local area. Many technical colleges and community colleges offer EMT courses. This is often more affordable than any other alternative. However, you are then locked into a fairly rigid class schedule. For the best selection of class times and degrees, look at technical schools in your city in addition to technical schools in nearby cities. You can also look at for-profit schools that have schools throughout the country. These schools were designed for people who already have a career and need to make their educational goals fit in around their work schedule. They are more likely to have classes available at night and on weekends. However, for this schedule convenience, you will often have to pay higher tuition. No matter where you decide to go for your EMT certification, it will undoubtedly lead to a rewarding and satisfying career.

You are a teacher as TGT in kendriya vidyalaya you want to know about your New pay as 6th pay commission?

Basic pay Rs 7450/= + grade pay Rs.4600/= Basic pay Rs 7450/= + grade pay Rs.4600/= Basic pay Rs 7450/= + grade pay Rs.4600/=

How much is an EMT paid?

The pay of an EMT varies drastically depending on where you are working, or volunteering. In many smaller towns, EMTs work on a volunteer basis, getting little or no pay. Some services also pay on a per run pay scale. (Getting paid when you go on a run.) In larger towns or cities, where there is always a full time crew staffed, you may get paid more.