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Title insurance is usually required by the lender to protect the lender against loss resulting from claims by others against your new home. In some states, attorneys offer title insurance as part of their services in examining title and providing a title opinion. The attorney's fee may include the title insurance premium. In other states, a title insurance company or title agent directly provides the title insurance. A Lender's Title Insurance policy is usually required when you are refinancing. If you have an Owner's Title policy already (you probably received it with your recorded deed) and can provide the title agent with a copy of it, you can very often get a reissue credit that will greatly reduce the amount of money this lenders title insurance policy will cost you. To save money on title insurance, compare rates among various title insurance companies. Ask what services and limitations on coverage are provided under each policy. In many states, title insurance premium rates are established by the state and may not be negotiable. Even if the premium rates are not negotiable, many of the title-related fees can vary from company to company and should be compared as well.

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Q: What is title insurance and do you need it when refinancing your home?
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Do you need a lawyer when refinancing a home?

No you do not need a lawyer, Title Companies represent the sale/refinancing of property and are non-partial to seller and/or buyer. Title Companies represent the law of the transaction.

Do you need to keep paying for home insurance when your home is being sold due to foreclosure?

Yes, you need/should keep paying for the insurance until you are not on the title anymore.

Do I need title insurance if I buy a home with cash and no mortgage?

Yes. You still need to protect your investment.

What are the benefits to refinancing your home and is that a way to get the funds you need to do home remodeling or renovations?

The benefits to refinancing your home is to eliminate the risk and lower the leverage. Yes, you can take out a loan as a way to do home remodeling or revonations

Do you had to have a title to be able to by title insurance?

No, you need to own a house.

What things need to be considered before refinancing your home?

There are several factors to consider before refinancing your home. These include your income, your interest rate, and whether you're willing to put in the effort.

Where can one learn about title insurance?

You can learn about Title Insurance through your bank, if you are taking a loan out for a mortgage on your house, then you will need to make sure you have Title Insurance. You can also learn about whether you need it or want it through Title Insurance agencies that offer information about this specifically.

Do you need to have insurance on a car when transferring the title?


Do you need title insurance if you are building a home?

Yes, you would want to be covered in the case there was an issue with the the builder and something was missed.

Is title insurance transferred in a conveyance of real property?

No. Title insurance only covers the person who purchased the policy. You would need to purchase your own title insurance policy.

The most extensive title coverage would be?

Title insurance costs are regional. You need to contact a title insurance company in your area. You will need to have a professional title examination done to get an owner's policy. The title insurance company can refer you to an agent. There aren't any other options that I know of.

What if you don't have insurance on a car but need to get a replacement title in WV?

You will have to buy auto insurance on the care before you can transfer the title.

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