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Q: What is tony hawks favorite animal?
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What is Tony's favorite movie?

The Big Lebowski is Tony Hawks favorite movie

Tony hawks favorite food?

Tony Hawks quoted favorite foods are: Sushi and Bagel bites.

What is Tony's favorite animal?


What is tony hawks favorite movie?

, I remember reading that he's favourite music artist/band is the British punk rock band "The Clash". Some other bands that he like is: Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Devo, Modest Mouse and Guns N' Roses.

What are the names tony hawks kids?

Tony Hawks kids names are: Riley, Spencer and Keegan

What is the cheat for unlimited money on tony hawks proving ground?

the code for tony hawks is BIG123MONEY

What is tony hawks salary?

tony hawks salary im not soppose to tell but his salary is1'000'000 a year

What was tony hawks elementary name?

Tony Hawks real full name is Anthony Frank Hawk

What is hawks nickname?

tony hawks nickname is=BIRD MAN=

What is Tony Hawks signature?

im guessing tony hawk

How many wife's did Tony Hawk have?

Tony Hawks wife had 36 skateboards, mostly birdhouse, hawks on skateboard line.

Where was tony hawks honeymoon?